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    • don't think there are any moriarty represented threads here whereby if the defendant turned up the defendant lost the case. moriarty never appear in court.   there is a very comprehensive mediation sticky in the homepage of this very same forum yours is in   there is also a custom google search which comes up after hitting our top squares logo   moriaty claimform   might be useful to use there.        
    • Hello   So i brought the car on the 11/11/2019, by the 17/11/2019 the clutch was slipping and the exhust was blowing out white smoke the car is a diesel turbo,   I had my daughter with me so i stopped by a local garage formula one auto centre, the checked the car out and told me the dual mass flywheel was due to go and it would need replacing, I contacted the trader immediatly on the 17th, he responded to me on the 18th where he came to my home address to inspect the car, he told me there was nothing wrong with it and the garage was trying to con me into them making money,   after this i was not satisfied so i took it to two more garages that are close to my home address, one garage said the dual mass flywheel was about to go and the smoke could be a dpf clean, the second garage gave me the same resault that the dual mass flywheel was gone and the smoke could the dpf or turbo due to go,   I then messaged the trader to tell him this has been verfied by 3 seperate garages but he chose to ignore me   I have now paid £1000 for a new clutch, rear toe adjustment and ball joint right and left.   I wish to recover this amount from the trader as a repair because of my health i need to be able to drive, and i really dont have the energy or funds to get back out there to find another car.   the garage has confirmed that theres a coolant leak and possible porus head, what means this is a further £1000+ job what needs doing but they said i can drive it for now.   I believe my 31 days from purchase will be the 10/12/2019   I have contacted him again today telling him that under the consumer rights act 2015 I have the rights by law to request a refund, repair, or replacement, I told him i wish to request a repair, he basicly laughed at me and told me to go to court.   thank you    
    • Yup, use one of my drafts to offer Harlands  the1 month's fee  you should have paid for the notice period.   Post it and get a free Cert of Posting from the PO.demand more   When they fail to accept the offer within 14 days or they demand more, ignore them.   You seem to have done some research here so you should know that Harlands simply don't do court and this will not affect you credit or anything else.
    • The EB letter is perfect to send.  Maybe add in a little bit  about "You know full well this land is covered by bye-laws".   BTW apologies for my stupid reply to your post on BearLake1's thread, saying you should start your own thread ... er, you already have done .. my bad 😣   Never use e-mail, use normal Royal Mail post but get a free certificate of posting from the post office.
    • Hi   I entered the car park at 10:05am then when I came to leave at 3:43pm, I went to pay at the machine. The machine would only go up in charges by the press of a button and was not linked into the camera.  I pressed the green button to increase the parking charge, instead this completed the purchase of the parking ticket at the value of £2 which I paid.   I'm not local so unfortunately can't get any of the blurb at this moment in time, however happy to drive there if you think it will help?
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Another Employee lieing about being sick so can have time of to play new video game advice needed

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I hope I'm posting this in right place. I hope some one can give me some advice. I work in a small hotel. I'm the Head Chef. We have 2 other chefs working in the kitchen. One of the chefs is known to be very lazy. Likes to take time off saying he is ill when isn't, spends more time playing on phone than working etc.


Earlyer this week on the Tuesday I was working with him and he started going on about how he had just got a new xbox and the new call of duty game that had just come out. He started moaning that his friends were already much higher level than him and that he need to catch up.


He had his days off Wednesday and Thursday and Friday morning we hear from him and he has apparently been to doctors and been signed off works for 2 weeks due to stress.


He is not stressed, he is only 25, is not married and has no children. He has only just come back off holiday a week ago. I'm sure he has lied to Dr to get time off to play his new video game. He has been playing his new call of duty game for nearly 80 hours straight. And is still online playing at 3am.


Would some one who is under that much stress that they can't work be able to play videos games non stop.


I am really angry, I have young children and my youngest son is very poorly. He has hospital appointments next week and weeks after. I had booked days off for both weeks, over a month ago. So I could look after my other children whilst my wife takes our youngest to hospital.

These hospital appointments are very important. And include Nurosurgery appointments and appointments at eye hospital.


We have no family to ask for help, and no friends so my wife relies on me to help. A lot of the hospital appointments are over 3 hours away at specialist hospitals, and a lot they require that my youngest son is bought alone, so it's not possible for my wife to take are other children with her. We are going to have to cancel all appointments as I have now got to cover for this other chef and will have no days off next week or the week after.


Its so wrong that he gets to sit at home playing stupid video games and still gets paid whilst I'm left having to pick up the pieces covering for him working my self in to the ground and it will effect my children as they will not see me, and expecially my youngest as he won't get to his hospital appointments.


I also feel sorry for my boss as she is a old lady in her 80s and I feel he is taking advantage of her, he lies to her and she believes him. I don't like to see him walking all over her, he laughs at her behind her back.


She ended up in a simular situation with a different employee many years ago and she did sack them but then end up being sued for apparent unfair dismissal. Although that situation sorted its self out she is afraid to do any thing or sack any one else.


Is there any thing I can do about this chef, how can I get my boss to see what he really is like. I have physical evidence to back up my claims that he wanted time off to play call of duty. Is it worth me mentioning to my boss.


Surely as Head chef I should have a say in who works in kitchen. I don't want some one lazy, I want some one hard working who I can trust and who is reliable.


If my boss will listen what should be her first step to dealing with this so she doesn't end up in same situation as last time.


Any advice would be much appreciated


If you wondering why I'm awake posting this at 3.50am is because a neighbours parrot escaped and is sitting in a tree out side my window sqauking like crazy so cant sleep.


Thanks in advance.

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Do you have proof he isn't stressed? Just because he's off sick doesnt mean he cant play the game. Also its extremely unlikely he would be playing it for 80 hours straight


He is not stressed, he is only 25, is not married and has no children. He has only just come back off holiday a week ago. I'm sure he has lied to Dr to get time off to play his new video game.


I'm sorry but that really just sounds like a bunch of guesses being pushed as fact without a shred of proof.


Your first port of call would be to go to your hr manager or your immediate manager, and inform them of your suspicion.. IF you have some kind of proof.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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Thanks for you reply, it might seem highly unlikely that he has played for 80 hours straight but he has. He bought console and game on Monday during his break. But was working monday evening he played for a bit Monday evening, (he told me this) he was working all day Tuesday and Tuesday evening. He started playing the game again from Wednesday. When you look at his gamer tag on xbox live and click to check his achievements for the game it shows how many hours he has playedthat game for and it shows 81 hours. The only way he could have clocked up this many hours is if he has been Playing non stop. He is still online now.


I have screen shots of this. He is posting up game play footage to YouTube continually as he is playing as well


I only know this as happen to have a old xbox account which have not used for along time as no longer play video games but added him as a friend years ago an went to have a look as had my suspicions and was right.


Regarding it sounds like a bunch of guesses. Maybe they are guesses but If you met him you would understand. I have known him for a few years, I work with him every day, he continually lies, He has nothing to be stressed about he has no money problems, he is free and single, has just moved to a new house has been abroad on holiday etc. He is just Lazy and wants to Stay at home playing video games. It seems more than a coincidence that he moans on Tuesday that he needs to catch up with his friends on call of duty, has his days off then calls in sick for 2 weeks and continues to play call of duty.


I completely under stand stress and depression, many years ago I went through a very bad stage in my life and suffered server depression and stress that took me along time to work through. I understand that some times you need to take time off work to deal with it but honestly there is nothing wrong with him. And it makes me angry when people who are not ill use stress and depression as a excuse when there is nothing wrong.


We don't have a hr Manager or Manager, Just this old Lady who is are boss.


What kind of proof do I need exactly. How am I meant to do my Job when staff are not turning up and are Lazy and un reliable.


Are you saying it's OK for people to lie to get time off just to stay at home and play video games. It's a joke.

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How long has he been working for you? How many hours a week

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as you are head chef do you have any responsibility for disciplining your juniors? What is your relationship with your employer like? does she trust you.




If so then tell her that you have evidence that this person is abusing her trust and that you cant have someone like that working in your team as it disrupts the entire team etc and you wnat to start the formal disciplinary process with the view of either geting him to change his ways or be replaced.



How long has he worked there? If less than 2 years it will be easy to end his employment and there will be no employment tribunal etc so again you need to speak to her about the consequences of action and inaction.

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What medical background or training do you have to determine that he is not stressed.

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dont attack the person's health problems, use the disruption and capability issues, ie the absence rather than the reason for absence being rather hooky

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