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Hello, sorry if this isn't the right place to post this.


I am pay Grade 1 and am currently being made to do pay Grade 2 work and was wondering if this is legal or allowed?

The work I am carrying out will take between 4-11 days


I am an administrator and am currently doing the work of an assessor in another department because "needs of the business".

My contract doesn't state anything about the fact I may be required to do different pay grade work if the needs of the business requires it, it just mentions doing work depending on the needs of the business, the pay is not mentioned but I took this as work I am qualified to do and within the same pay grade.


Other administrators are also doing Debt Response work which is a higher pay grade too and I feel us admins are having the pee took out of us because we are the lowest paid in the company.


If this isn't allowed, can anyone direct me to any literature.



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“Made to?” Like, with a gun?


This is why you need a union...

Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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as it is temporary then sorry, no pay rise. As a rule of thumb a period of longer than 6 months would normally be considered as being employed doing the higher grade work but that isnt set in stone, your employer may use an annual review and if you arent doing it on both dates then no cigar.

If this is likely to recur you should ask about a discretionary pay adjustment or ask for promotion when it comes to your review.

is there a difference in the qualificatiosn needed for the 2 jobs? what about the people doing them so for example if all of the grade1 people were female and the grade 2 male eyebrows wouild certainly be raised here and the advice to join a union would become louder.

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@Emmzzi, made to in the way of I had no choice, no option to say no, manager said he couldnt allow me to come back to my usual department until the job was done.



@ericsbrother, I dont want a pay rise, I just dont want to do a job that is a higer pay grade as the company usually makes an issue of "you cant do that, thats not your job, its a higher pay grade" so I feel its hypocritical and to be honest, the job Im now doing is bloody awful lol.



Thank you both for your comments :)

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I'm trying hard to find another job honeybee13, the work is just not out there in my area and surrounding areas :)

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so do you need a different set of skills to do the higher grade job? Does it take longer to do?


I am struggling to understand why you wouldnt want paying more money if you are doing the higher piad work. No-one ever gets promoted before they actually show they are doing the new level of work so I read it as you just want to plod along doing a low level job that has no prospects and lower pay because you thnk a job title and conditions are set in stome for ever.



Most people would leap at the chance of more variety at work and the possibility fo a permannet chance to a higher paid role. Inflexibility will cost you dear in the long run, no-one will want to employ someone who isnt willing to show they have anything but enthusiasm for their employer even if it is just a facade in reality.



If you arent capable of doing the higher grade work then be honest with your employer and they may well afford you extra training or try and accommodate your shortfalls in other ways..

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The company I work for doesn't give or consider promotions by simply doing extra tasks or agreeing to higher paid work, maybe this is the reason no one in the company wants to go "above and beyond" because it all goes unrecognised, and I don't want paying more money because its not something I am going to get for doing something temporary.



As you don't know anything about the awful company I work for, please refrain from making assumptions about me, I have numerous reasons why I don't want to do this extra work, some personal, some professional, but nothing to do with me not being capable, I am highly capable, maybe too capable for the company I work for. As my original question has now been answered, I shall leave it there, thanks for all the replies.

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Use it as an opportunity to "improve" your CV and of course you can remind your employer of this later when it comes to bonus/pay rise time...

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Please fill in your quit date here

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