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    • You honestly have a very serious situation here. Is there any chance that this problem might be being caused by somebody that you know? In future you should open all letters and copy them and then return them to the sender but make sure you have a copy. This is very important. I understand that the three of you are being targeted. I am saying "targeted" because it is too much of a coincidence that you are all the subject of the same kind of identity theft/identity fraud committed by different people. This suggests very strongly to me that there is one person who is doing this and the fact that this person is doing this to all three of you also suggests very strongly that it is somebody who is known to you. I would find it difficult to imagine that there could be any other explanation. Have you got a list of the companies that have become involved because of this problem? Please could you post up a list here
    • Yes I am so sorry.  I am using my phone to type and it comes out in a block.  I will see if I can borrow use of a friends computer next time 
    • I'm sorry that you have been upset about it. I think you are very justified feel that way. Before I start answering, can I please point out that this is the second time that you've posted a solid block of text. It's very difficult for people to read and to give you the enthusiastic support that you deserve. In your first post, – which was very long – one of the site team restructured it so that it was legible. We don't really have time to do this kind of thing and so please would you make sure that in future your posts are properly spaced and punctuated and that will encourage people to view your story and to give you the advice that you need.   Also, now that I have restructured your post I see that you have recognised that your posts are not properly spaced because you don't have a computer. You can still use the paragraph return with a phone and it will make it much easier.
    • Sorry I’ve just been a bit upset about it.       It started with my daughter (aged 27) four years ago.  We rang the train company and tried to sort it over the phone.  I know now that was wrong.  My daughter has had at least 6 separate letters relating to different incidents of fare evasion.   One of the incidents was going to court.   My other daughter has had about 8 or more separate incidents. She has a file which I can get this week.   My ex partner has now started to get some (Erica instead of Eric ).   There ha e been some addressed using our surname but with a forename not known.     The one relating to me had gone to court and I have had to ask them to open the case again.   I was advised not to do a statutory declaration as although I didn’t open the letter addressed with a misspelt surname I did suspect what it was and so couldn’t say I didn’t know about it.   At least one other has gone to a court.   So many we have out back in the post as unknown at This address.     There are too many to fight each one altogether for my family they must be over 20, I’m sorry this isn’t very well space I only have the use of the phone   I don’t have a computer
    • The forum software automatically changes other website addresses back to CAG,   Google  'Fight Back Forums' and register there. They are the experts on council pcns.  
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NPM PCN claimform - overstay Un-adopted Rd entrance to old St Edmunds Hosp Northampton - *** Claim Struck Out+Costs***

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if the other peopel are aware that there are previous cases all they need to say is that thiers is the same as the other persuasive cases and the judges will agree. the problem is that not many people know about places like CAG and the past record of the parking co at a court so that is why i would have hoped the papers would have taken the story up

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pop up on the MCOL website mentioned on the claimfor,   register as an individual  note the long gateway number given  then log in .  select respond to a claim and select the start A

back to the content of their Particulars of Claim.   they say the claim is for unauthorised parking - now this cant be, it has to be for monies due under a contract for parking or

The BPA and IPC are NOT regulators. They are clubs to which Private Parking Companies belong and pay for the running. They don't have bars to serve drinks, but by pulling the wool over the eyes o

I had hoped so too, especially as most local newspapers are currently running what seem to be topical private parking news stories. Maybe the Northampton Chronicle are friends with Mr Gearey the MD or they use NPM to manage their car park!


By the way NPM have not paid my costs yet, so it looks like that might be a long drawn out fight too! I have been advised what are my options, which will cost me money, but this will be added to the debt they owe and if they still don't pay up then this will affect their credit rating. 

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there are options open to you depending on how much you are owed.


One thing is to go for an order for an oral examination by ther court.

This costs £60 and makes the director of a company stand in front of a judge and explain how he ( the company) stands financially and how it intends to pay its debts.


The silly thing about this is that you have to pay his train fare to get there if it is requested but his failure to attend can result in him being done for contempt of court and the company being compulsorily would up

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Yes I was told that was one of my options, but I didn't know I had to pay his train fare.


His company is only 0.6 miles from the court, which would take him 13 minutes to walk, so he can forget me paying his train fare. 


I was told I could ask him to bring details of all their unpaid PCN's to court, which would be interesting.

if and when he comes to court will he have to pay the original costs plus the £60 unless he has a good excuse why he cannot do so?

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yes all your costs

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please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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obviously he cant ask for his train fare and yes, I knew this before I posted but wanted to point out there are conditions to this method.

yes, he will have t pay the costs -plus ther 360 if he cant provide a lawful reason for not paying and as it is a court order for costs then there isnt a lawful excuse.

as for bringing all fo the unpaid PCN's to court you are past that as far as evidence and process goes but it may have been suggested that they may be considered to be geinune creditors so would prove he has assets he can call on.

he doesnt owe you enough to try bankruptcy so not worth your time asking

Now I would ahve thought this was newsworthy enough for the Chronic echo.

Sign up to lnkedin and similar and see if he is listed. Debt collection is not harassment

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