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Gladstones... Gave me a CCJ! but now i have another pending.. help!

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I received a PCN from a Free! carpark some time ago.. 4 hours free then pay.

I received no letters from UKCPM about a fine nor do i know what it was for .

. I then get a letter from Gladstones saying Pay £160 else court action. I 'forgot about it'.


Next i get a court letter which turned up at my address late , saying £273 to pay with response within 14 days else action will be taken.

Ok this one i genuinely did forget about, i emailed them stating the letter was late and i forgot to take action due to work commitments and stress.

Next thing i know i have a CCJ on my credit file and a letter from the courts saying they made a judgement.

Luckily i had 30 days to pay the £273 and they will lift the CCJ so without haste i paid and the CCJ is now gone.


two days ago i receive yet Another!

Gladstone solicitors letter on behalf of UKCPM.

new reference number so a new claim,

this one as before £160 before court action.

and again , no letters from UKCPM beforehand.


Now, i know this will go to CCJ if i ignore it, but what can I do?

the carpark is free for 4 hours !

i used it almost every day for the Gym.


the carpark is poorly marked, paint very worn on disabled bays, no phone number to call to extend your stay.

you have to display a ticket but half the time the machine was out of order however i still am aware of PCN's being issued for non ticket when the machine is not operational.


What shall i do?


Many thanks for your help

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You should be OK this time. We need the information from the forum sticky which I can't post atm, hopefully someone else will.


Please bear with us, people should be along later. :)



Illegitimi non carborundum




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Okay thanks for the replies.


had a quick look over that link..

would it ok to just post up the solicitors letter as an image on here?

thats all the information i have on the matter so hopefully eveything needed is in there..


here it is anyway


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Thats a letter before claim and you shouldn't ignore it


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so what is it all about?

tell us dates. place, times etc so we can advise. Also what did you do with all of the other paperwork. they will ahve had to either slap tickets on your vehicle or sen a NTK through the post with soe photographic evidence of your vehicle's presence and evidnec of the alleged breach. (overstay)

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No! thats literally it,

just like the previous one that i got a CCJ for ,


1st instance of any knowledge was the letter before claim!

as for windscreen PCN i think people have been playing silly buggers in the carpark as i have seen cars with 2 or 3 pcn's on them that have clearly not been issued by a warden. theres a lot of kids hanging around causing problems.


as for place its Chatham dockside outlet, 4 hours free parking. UKPCM in charge , they keep changing the rules between the main , multi-story and underground carparks also.

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