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    • Thanks dx100uk.   Not sure that I completely understand your reply, that said, thank you for taking the time to reply.   I did follow your link to the GDPR thread and Subject Access Requests. I can't remember if that was the term that the ICO used.    I am not sure that it would have been a SAR, my bank didn't insist that I apply in writing and ultimately it wasn't my bank that was being obtuse.   Then again, it may well be the case that the guy at the ICO did indeed use the term Subject Access Request. As I said,  I got a call from a 0300 number and decided to answer it, half in the expectation of it being a spam call.   So is SAR a direct consequence of GDPR? If yes, it is ironic that I am using to circumnavigate Lloyd banks flawed interpretation of the Data Protection Act.
    • CAB should never have said what they did.   If someone earns over the threshold, even if only 15p, yes in theory the whole amount will be reported as overpaid.    So yes you should expect a letter advising of a debt.   Suggest that your partner follows the appeal process and submits the mandatory reconsideration.  Put the arguments to a DWP Decision Maker. It might not change the decision already made, but worth giving it a go. Perhaps the CAB advisor who gave their opinion can assist.   Uniform is not an expenses that can be deducted in relation to earnings considered for benefit purposes. Your partner is employed and the employers should provide any uniform. Sounds a bit odd to deduct an amount for uniform and this should be queried with the employers. Not quite sure on the legality of the deduction.
    • Does your claimant commitment state to update journal or job application section of your account to provide the evidence?   If not, then written or even verbal would suffice. If the commitment isn't tight enough to state where to put your evidence then there is nothing they can do.
    • The onus is on the claimant to claim correctly. 15p or £2 over the limit is still over the limit.   You mention an alowable expense, where does it state uniform is allowable, it's normally travel, care fee's or pension contributions. Normally uniform is provided by the employer, so the DWP tend to ignore this.   Yes she will get a letter regarding paying it back, but she is lucky she isn't facing a fraud case.
    • Pardon late reply, had a busy last few days. I will make enquiries to the Council or Valuations Agency tomorrow when they are open.   I am a little apprehensive about getting the dentist involved although I wasn't warned about the new parking system at the time.   I have photos but will need to reduce the mb size of them as 4.5 mb is maximum upload on here. They will also need editing to blot out reg numbers etc.   I was given 28 days from CE to cough up after the POPLA decision and that will expire in a few days time. I intend to take this all the way and to save further action [e.g. debt collectors with the £100 rocketing to the thick end of a Grand]   write to CE and tell them take me straight to Court as all letters will be ignored.    There are 2 photos from my evidence previous post [Docs 1 pdf 2.81 mb] First is the view I had approaching car park to the right, this differs enormously from google street view.   Even with just 1 car in the carpark can you see any signs ? There is a small road sign in that photo too that was left behind following the roadworks and temporary traffic lights that hid the sign at the front.   Second photo is a view from where I parked no wonder I did not see it, in fact the angle is worse viewing from drivers seat as the pole is in line with the tree
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4k ready tv... notready

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Bought an LG 55LA965W TV in May 2014, £1,499, advertised and sold as 4k UHD ready.

4k didn't arrive until Sky introduced it in August 2016.


I changed to Sky.

Their engineer said my TV didn't have the connection needed for the Sky Q box, and wasn't capable of playing 4k.


Rang Currys and told.. Nothing to do with us, ring LG.

Rang LG and told... We never sold that TV to Currys as 4k. It isn't.

That's despite LG's material/website/manual saying differently.

I got nowhere and left it.


Now, I've changed to Virgin and their top package which includes 4k progs.

Have a guess... the TV won't play 4k.


Rang Virgin and their engineer talked me through all the settings just to make sure.

Nope, the TV doesn't play their 4k.


I rang CAB.

They told me how to word a letter to Currys.

I got the reply the other day.


'... your TV is working to the specifications given at the time of purchase and can produce a 4k picture'.

Not with Sky or Virgin!


'The issue you have is the advancement in technology and the way the picture is delivered.

Whilst you are protected by certain legislation, this does not extend to the external factors affecting the way the item works therefore we are unable to accept your claim under the SOGA.'


CAB told me my next step is Court action, but I don't want to gamble my money against Currys.


I can rant and rave about the injustice of forking out a lot of money for a 4k UHD ready TV that isn't, but anyone know of any cases where Currys have been challenged and beaten on this kind of thing?





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Do you have written evidence that the supplier – Currys – claimed that it was 4K ready?


If you do then you have an excellent case and in particular if the problem is that there is a specific connector which is missing then I wouldn't worry about risking your money against Currys. Your chances of success would be much better than 90%.


Although Currys are saying that there has been new developments in the technology, I think the question to ask is that when 4K was first introduced, would your television have worked with it. From what you say the answer seems clearly to be – No.


You should be wary of Currys. The customer service is shocking. They constantly deny liability and try to deprive their customers of their statutory consumer rights.


If you want to take legal action on this then it is cheap and pretty straightforward and even if you lose, you will not have to pay Currys costs.


What is the value of this television? This means what would be the replacement value – getting a set which really will do the 4K job?


You should assemble all evidence – of Currys claims and also of LG's claims – including what their website says because this will all be extremely compelling evidence.


If you are prepared to take legal action then get ready for a fight because Currys solicitors – DSG cause trouble and will take you right to the wire but then they will probably backoff and hand you your victory. However, if they force you to go to court then in all probability – very high probability, you will win. Because this is a breach of sell by description it is entirely possible that you may be able to get the cost of a completely new television set despite the fact that you have already enjoyed the use of the one which was wrongly sold to you for two years.

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You should tweet this out to all of your followers https://twitter.com/Real_CAG/status/1048952232782286849

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I would suspect it will play 4K TV from a say a USB device like a penstick file or a fire TV stick or one of the other add on boxes

many of the TV's of that era could but as the std of how actual 4KTV was to be broadcast was not finalise at that time

this is where the problem lies.


if you have a fire stick

load the youtube app

search for a named 4k file [most state as much in the title of the youtude video

and see if it works.


I bet it does...



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Please do try the above advice. If it works then I'm afraid that that substantially changes the advice which I have given you above.

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Thanks to both of you for the response.

I'll try that when I get home.

Can't tweet anything because I don't indulge in any social networking stuff.



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May require a firmware update being of that age (2014)


Cant see a problem with Virgin..it has HDMI connectivity which is all the Virgin V6 Box requires.


Although there could be a problem as below....





We could do with some help from you.



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Current 4K TV content (Virgin and Sky) require a TV that supports HDCP 2.2 which requires HDMI 2.0.

From what I can gather that particular TV only has HDMI 1.4


The screen itself is still 4K resolution capable.

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Thanks Andyorch for the link.

I had seen it over a year ago but forgot.

Hi MaxxPower.

That's what Currys and LG tell me.

But, is that my fault?

They sold me a 4K UHD TV which I asked at the time if it would play 4K progs when they became available.

Yes, they said.


Yesterday I found a link on the LG site saying all their 4K TV's from 2014 play 4K on Netflix.

A video explained it all.

I subscribed yesterday to a free month of Netflix and tried it.


Rang Currys. He said, 'Netflix app on TV stopped being updated, meaning it was never added.'

I have no idea what that means.

So, I'm about to write to BBC Watchdog on their site.

They love to get lots of complaints about one item from one company.

So, if anyone feels like writing, the more the merrier!

I'll include the link to AV forums Andyorch posted.

A guy on there gives his phone number for anyone wishing to contact him.

Thanks to all.


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Have you checked your Software/Firmware is up to date as the lastest version on LG for your model is 25/01/2018


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I advise to the best of my ability, but I am not a qualified professional, benefits lawyer nor Welfare Rights Adviser.

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Thanks Stu007.

I haven't but I will now.

We asked Currys and LG about a software update, but they both said it was firmware that was missing.


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Thanks Stu007.

I haven't but I will now.

We asked Currys and LG about a software update, but they both said it was firmware that was missing.



The problem is proving what was said at the time 4 years ago, would be very difficult and not worth the risk. It plays 4k on the TV, just not via HDMI as you need. It's a tough one but I personally wouldn't risk as it's word vs word. Just chalk it down to experience.

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