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VWFS Woes... No Comms, No one dealing with issues

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I have a contract hire vehicle with Volkswagen financial services (VWFS)


the car was due to go back at the end of April 18. In early march 18 I attempted to get in touch with VWFS to remove my private plate from the vehicle before I handed it back. in previous run ins with VWFS, its been an absolute nightmare to get back your private plate if you do not do it whilst you have the vehicle.


Anyway, I was told to pay an admin fee to remove the plate. This was charged to me and I was sent a form to fill out. I was emailed by VWFS who asked me to fill out a form for the plate and send it to a third party company. I was not willing to do this as it would include sensitive personal information. I instead filled out the form and replied back to my email from vwfs. I had no reply from this email.


This came at a time where I was suffering from a very severe bout of clinical depression and whilst I was coming through it, it was still an incredible and stressful time in my life.


I have had previous terrible conduct of administrative conduct from VWFS in the past and knew this could take a while. In the mean time I never instructed the bank to stop any payments to VWFS, and whilst I was unhappy about the prospect of having to pay for the use of the car for longer than I imagines, I nevertheless never stopped any payments.


The car has been very unreliable in the course of our contract hire period and its worth mentioning between the end of the contract and VWFS contacting me about the car, the car was in with an audi dealer for major repairs due to an electrical fault that took far to long to diagnose and fix.


Fast forwards to August 2018, not one piece of communication was received . Its worth mentioning at this point, I have another car with VWFS, same person, same address and contact details and I did carry on receiving letters about this second vehicle from VWFS. Annual Account statements and the like. Not one letter was/has been sent to me about this car in question


Now, British Car Auctions (BCA) got in touch with me in August with regards to collecting the car. Thank God I thought, finally they've realised to come and get the car thats sitting there not being used. It was only until BCA Called to confirm their inspection and collection I realised the number plate was still on the car. After speaking to BCA they said it wasn't a problem to cancel the inspection and speak to VWFS to finally remove the plate. In fact they encouraged it as I might not get the plate back if the car goes to auction with it on.


Around this period I was being pursed by a debt collection agent to forcefully take back the vehicle. This was strange to me as I was in contact with BCA about the collection.


17th September 2018


So BCA cancelled the appointment and I attempted to call VWFS. After phoning the correct number for VWFS I was given the run around by them and put through to 3 different numbers. Then the call was hung up not by myself. I thought Id try again later on when I had finished my days work. I called around 5.15pm as they advertise their opening hours are 8am-8pm. I was told that the department I needed to speak to was closed. They work 9-5




18th September 2018


Called again to try and sort this mess out, have my number plate removed and arrange collection of the vehicle. I spoke to an Ollie at 10:24 who hung up on me.


I called again and spoke to an Olivia at 10:28. She told me I had come through to the wrong department, wrong, I did, she just didnt want to deal with this.


I eventually got through to a Georgina at 10:30. In informed the woman I was recording the call and I explained my position to georgina who didnt want to work with me about a resolution, just argue the facts of what has gone on. I explained I had tried to remove the plate in march and I wasn’t willing to submit sensitive information to a third party company. I informed Georgina that I was suffering from severe mental health issues and I would appreciate their clear operation but I did not get this. She asked me If it was ok for her to record my communication of my mental health issues in her notes and I agreed. This call was recorded and she ended by saying she cannot deal with it and somebody more senior will be in touch within 48 hours. I confirmed what number for someone to try and get hold of me on as calls to this number are also logged and recorded, this goes for every call, not especially for VWFS.


26th sept


Tried to call again, guess what “wrong department” and then a hang up.


28th Sept.


I get a call from a collection agent who informs me that VWFS has instructed him to forcibly take the car from my possession. I had to say Carl who has been back and forth with me about this whilst I try and get some sense out of VWFS, has been incredibly good. I explained my mental health issues and he was very understanding and knows VWFS are not acting as they should. So much so his purpose of the call today was to give me a heads up to hide the car so it cannot be taken. I do not want to withhold the car, but I just want this sorting out. I have lost all confidence in VWFS, my ability to communicate with them has broken down entirely and I do not want this to continue. Its having a severe impact on my mental state and thus impacting hugely in my work life.




What should I do guys?! :( Im really appalled at how Im being treated :(

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Ive logged this with the FOS but i doubt it will help.

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They cant forcibly take the car

Its not been to court


Powerless repo agents

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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Thanks for your reply. yes the agent said as much. It would all be voluntary if he turned up to collect but most people comply. I wont be doing. Until they sort this matter out.


Ive emailed VWFS again today and updated them as to whats happened and no body has called. typical

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Ive had the collection agent on again today,



Hello mr XXXXX, have you had chance to work out how you would like to proceed regarding the return of your vehicle to VWFS. I am in XXXXX in the morning if you would like the car collected, let me know and I will work round you. Best wishes




my response


Hi Karl. I’ve still had no response from vwfs.

There’s an ongoing complaint with the financial Ombudsman Service about all this. Because I contest what they’re doing.

is there any documentation I can give you to give to them?

Cease and desist etc? ����


His reply.....


"They won't respond to you now because they have terminated your agreement hence why it has come up for repossession.


They just want their asset back and they will argue the rights and wrongs afterwards.


I have no doubts that you are in a protracted battle concerning your car, I am just carrying out the instructions as they stand as of now.


VW want their asset and they have asked me to collect it, as I said last week I am not a policeman I can't make you do anything all I do is ask the politely for the vehicle. Kind regards"


I just said


"They told me they'd have someone in senior management call me and tell me what's going on. They haven't and I'm not happy. I will not let the car be repossessed at all as it stands me in a worse position legally"


PLEASE HELP GUYS! I dont know whats best to do


--- Let them have the car back via this agency?


--- Try and keep speaking to them to see if they can agree to take my plate off and hand the car back amicably?


The last thing i want is this company getting the car and then being charged stupid amounts and going through a load more stress in my current state :(

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Await the outcome

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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