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    • As of today......not a thing! Sod's law that now I have mentioned it I'll probably get a letter in the next few days 😂
    • I have a bit of a dilemma my mum paid for a 3 piece to be made, when it turned up  it was the wrong colour so she sent it straight back to the shop this was now 7 years ago, and it has never been resolved, she became ill  and now she has passed it has only come to our attention that no money has been paid back to her or any other resolution made I have tried emailing them and all I got back is they are a reportable company, and they cannot believe that it has not been resolved, then they said they have changed accountants and all there accounts from 2012 are stored away and cannot be accessed, since that email I have tried on numerous occasions to contact them via email but they have not responded  she paid out over £2000 for this and received nothing back where do I stand in trying to get this back now I look forward to your reply thankyou
    • Thought I would put this on here just to help people avoid the situation I have found myself in.   Been on UC for about a year and a half and back in November found a job which pays a measly 14500 per year but of course is still over the UC threshold!  UC despite promising that I would be paid UC in November due to not being paid until the end of November didn't pay up because HMRC notified the DWP before I received my wages, but the main issue is Council Tax benefit which people need to be aware of.   I was advised by both the Council and DWP not to inform them what my income would be because it would fluctuate the first couple of moths due to not starting at the start of November and the fact that I was put on a temporary tax code, so they both felt that they would wait for HMRC to forward the correct figures rather than me "declare a change".  That was my mistake because for the next couple of months I still received an element of Council Tax benefit.   Then a couple of weeks ago the Council on top of three months nil UC award from the DWP asked for my last two payslips and days later I received a Council Tax bill in the region of £145 per month for February and March.  They then requested my latest pay slip and this morning I received a final bill for 2019/20 for which they were taking £363 by direct debit in March.  I can't afford £100 per month Council Tax let alone £363!!  I rang them and put half on a credit card and paid some via debit to bring March's bill down a bit but it will still be a struggle.   My advice is to be totally on top of this with the Council if you go back to work and lose your UC.  If I had fully known I would have paid extra in the months November, December, January so I didn't get walloped for one lump sum in one month but the letters come through thick and fast and aren't the easiest to understand and you could end up to your neck like me!!   To be honest you are "almost" better off on benefits.  "Make Work Pay" the DWP say.  Yeah right!!!
    • So received a big envelope of bumpf from the lovely Lowells today today. Only from one of my 'accounts' the smaller one. Had a copy of assignment letter, a statement and an unsigned copy of credit agreement (signed by them, not me) and paperwork for Tomlin order for the full outstanding amount.    Was halfway through sorting my witness statement 😢🙄
    • we need to prepare Non-guarantor paperwork for you which will cost >>> you >>> £895. This paperwork will act like a guarantor for your loan for >> the >>> whole loan period.  Before we provide this loan to you we need to >> make >>> >>> sure that after you receive this loan we should not lose the money. >> So >>> >>> we have to show to the financial conduct authority that you can pay >>> your >>> repayment on time. >>> >>> So, in this case you are required to pay the Guarantor paperwork > fee >>> of >>> £895 which is just the one-time payment and will be refunded along >>> with >>> your loan amount. Once, you cleared this guarantor fee than we will >> be >>> >>> able to transfer your funds to your bank account within 60 minutes >> of >>> time. >>> >>> Note:- Just because of paperwork your transaction is on hold please >> do >>> >>> this & get your money before 12 today. >>> >>> Regards, >>> Linda Thomson >>> Manager >>> Account & Transfer   what  she has now been told as well as this     Cancellation on this stage of the loan will cost you with 590 pounds >> as >> this amount is been debited from our account,so please do the final >> payment and get the amount sorted for you. >> Your co-operation will be much appreciated.
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Guttering and issues with neighbour

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I purchased a detached bungalow (first time buyer) with a garage with the aim of significant renovation work, including a garage conversion, creating a kitchen behind this and 2 further rooms at the back of the house. Although it is a detached house, it is very close to the neighbour - in fact the garage wall (my own wall) is attached to the neighbour’s wall. Due to the style of the build, their roof overhangs (over the garage) significantly which made identifying the boundary a bit difficult (not clear in deeds either).


Long story short, they were not happy with my plan and objected to every stage. Despite this I was successfully able to get planning permission and building regs approval to start work.


One of the concerns the neighbours had was the proximity of the build and the effect this may have on their foundations. They invoked their rights under the party wall act (which I honestly knew nothing about). I therefore paid over £700 to get the party wall act, which I am obligated to do but also wanted to show I was willing to cooperate. I had to compromise on 250mm of space, which does not seem like much but for my plans is significant (it is a conversion to create a disabled-friendly room for my mum).


One of the conditions of the party wall, or request, was that we allow the neighbour to replace their fascias. I therefore halted work to allow this to happen. For some reason they did not put a downpipe at the back at that time and stated they were happy for me to proceed with the work.


The structure has now been almost complete. Due to the proximity of the houses, my building inspector (who is hired by the local council) advised a shared gulley to driain both roofs. I suggested this (as my roof is higher than theirs) but they had a second opinion and said for ease of selling in the future, they wanted this (drainage of each roof) separate. So we put our own fascias above theirs.


So the drainage for my roof is sorted. But the manhole is in my garden (it is a public sewer which we relocated eith severn trent permission). I asked when the neighbour would put the downpipe on so we can connect it all up and she wants to put it on my wall (as the space is tight and not easily possible in hers). Note if she had done this before my build went up she would have easily been able to attach to her wall. I explained I was not happy to do this as if maintenance was needed then she would need access. I was also not going to accept responsibility for this downpipe as it is is solely draining her roof now. The other option is to relocate in to her garden and create a gulley but I think she is not keen to do this due to cost.


She has therefore hired a surveyor and told me a solicitor will be writing to me.


Originally the downpipe had been at the back of my garage and had drained both my garage roof and her roof into the gulley which connected in to the public sewer. The deeds also state that she has the right to drain rainwater via my land because of the way the pipes are laid presumably.


I do not want to have to fork out a lot of money. Nor do I want the responsibility for her downpipe. She is arguing that as I have been the one wanting to build and forced the move of the pipe, I should replace it. However I would have done this had it still been a shared downpipe. It is now just her pipe though.


Do I have a valid argument? If yes what else do I need to do?


I have had multiple issues with this lady unfortunately so need to be sure everything I have done is legal and cannot be challenged wrt the build

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Incomprehensible. OP needs to consult local, qualified Solicitor.

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Gutters dont drain intoa public sewer ( well shouldnt) so there is one argument less.


Basically for the rest of it you have made a rod for your own back by agreeing or conceding so may points it wont be worth arguing about this one. However, you might want to reconsider the entire buld and ask the council buildings inspector to consider new drawings....

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