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Can anyone help me please to a massive question ,,I


Hi there ,

can anyone help me please on what I should do ,


I have had 2 loans from welcome finance in 2003 ,


I had 1 in 2004 and also a secured loan in 2005 ,


I still owe for the secured and haven’t been in touch with anyone since I received it and then sold my house ,


can I and should I claim Ppi ,


can any give any answers to this please ,


thank you

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time to send an sar

get all the details


then go from there.


I would suspect the FSCS will offset the PPI against any debt.


funny how you were able to sell the home with a secured loan..was it paid on sale?


if so you might be ok.


but get all the statements first via sar

don't forget to read all the post in the SAR thread esp as you have obv moved.




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They made a mistake I think and there was no equity and they said I could pay them off after the sale of my house ,


I have had letters since from hoist stating they want 8000 and that was from the secured loan 2005 ,,the other 3 loans very pretty big and paid off ,


I don’t know whether it would benefit me trying to claim back Ppi ,

my friend said they will be different loans and won’t be able to offset but I don’t know whether he sending me down wrong path


,is there a chance I can claim on the earlier loans without them offsetting as the debt is now with hoist (Robinson way)?,cheers

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I would suspect they were all a refinance chain?


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No the secured was seperate but if it wasn’t does that mean bad news?

I mean I did the Ppi calculator and it said I could be owed 1000,s but scare incase the 8000 secured would go extremely high ?


But at the same time would that balance remain the same and the 1000,s go to offset it would be doing me a favour at the same time ,?


And also in this ppi claim it’s saying it’s going to FOS,is that good news?

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I think you should be getting the data as advised


in the meantime read around

use the search CAG box of the top red toolbar


welcome PPI


or whatever you q is.


its better you use the 30days wait for the SAR and get upto speed as there appears to be many q's and surmises you are getting wrong & p'haps worrying about nowt.


if they didn't get their money from the charge then that doesn't mean they can now come after you

but depending upon the age of loans [pre 2005 being an important date] they might be able to offset

might be under FSCS rules

might even be deemed as going afte the underwriters rather than welcome

could also be that if a chain were formed, that you can add a 0 to the reclaim figure each time it was refinanced.


there are so many variables here that without the data

we cant tell yet.


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