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Local Garage Broke My Car

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I won a Mk4 Golf Gti with 8 months MOT on Ebay for the princely sum of £50 last year. At MOT renewal I booked it into a local garage who failed it on corroded brake pipes and a few other things coming to a grand total of £600. Now I like the car, it's never let me down so I agreed to have the work done.



Next day, garage rings to say they've lowered the petrol tank and found further problems with the brake flexible hoses and it would need a new rear caliper because they'd broken the bleed nipple on the old one, price now £950!



Needless to say I wasn't going to pay that amount so now we're at a loggerheads where the car is sat in his compound undriveable so I cant even pay him the original £600 and take it away to repair it myself.



Any ideas please on how I should proceed with this matter?

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I think it may be helpful to discover why the bleed nipple was broken. If it was because it was seized in as a result of the age of the vehicle and the neglected state then it may be that it is a risk that you will have to accept when getting an old and poor condition vehicle repaired.


Find out more about how the damage occurred and then come back here.


Read our customer services guide – although you've been here since 2009 so you probably have done that, haven't you.

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OP the golf mk 4 is a nightmare on calipers, Honestly if a garage does not replace the dust boot that covers them, they corrode ad then they snap with the lightest of force applied, It really is a common theme.



The pipes run above the fuel tank, You cant test anything in an mot that is covered as the tester isn't allowed to remove things to test so when the work to go ahead and work on pipes, usually the flex hoses that joins into the solid copper ones are just as bad if not a little worse for wear.



Now having a chat with the garage about this can go two ways, 1. your attitude can greatly affect their willingness to help you they could bill you for the current work put your car back together put it in the yard and charge you storage till you remove it, 2. they could go half way with you if you be understanding and amicable.



I would approach it as, The caliper thing you could have warned me about bleed nipples snapping is apparently common that I didn't know this so I wasn't expecting this, so what are the cheapest options of fixing it, can we drill and tap it and fit a over bleed nipple, Can or can we get a pair of calipers from a scrap yard? I k now the condition is unknown but if it is cheaper then can we at least try or do we have to go the reconditioned rout, Do I have mine reconditioned or do I buy a set reconditioned and send mine back for Old Core?



If you cant come to an agreeable price and you owe them for teardown and partial fix, Then you come to an agreement to sell the car to them for a reasonable price you both agree on, its either he gives you couple of hundred if its worth a grand say £1000-600=£400 he pays you or if its not worth more than £500.00 you call it there and say look its worth £600 broken he takes it and you sign it over to him as full and final payment (don't forget to get receipts and fill in v5c),or if its worth less than what is owed he gets car and you pay them outstanding balance.



As it stand he can Hold the car in lieu of payment anyway, and if you take too long in making your mind up he can start charging storage on the yard space your car is taking up for him.



I would suggest going back and having a friendly chat see what you can work out to get it fixed, if not then you have to consider cutting your losses on this car and sell it to them so he can recoup his losses on it.

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