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    • I received a PCN on 14th March 2018.  I've posted all the info on another thread I am no longer able to post to.  Eventually gladstones became involved and I wrote to them on 03 December 2018, following the advice of CAG.  I did not receive a response until 03 May 2019 which opened: 'Thank you for your letter dated 03/12/18, the content of which has been noted. We apologise for the delay in our response however, as no further action has been taken we trust you agree no prejudice has been suffered as a result' it then went on to demand £160 within 30 days. It contained a copy of the signage at the site. An ariel photo showing where the signs are located Two pictures of my parked vehicle (which include dates and times  Pictures attached) I ignored it.  I've now received a claim form from the county court business centre.  I have attached it at the bottom so you can see the particulars of the claim.    In order for us to help you we require the following information:-   Name of the Claimant ? UK Car Park Management  claimants Solicitors: Gladsones   Date of issue – 17th July 2019   What is the claim for – The driver of the vehicle parked in breach of the terms of parking stipulated on the signage (the contract) at 54 Pensby Road Wirral. ch60 7re on 14/3/2018 thus incurring the parking charge.  (the PCN) tHE DRIVER OF THE VEHICLE AGREED TO pay the PCN WITHIN 28 DAYS of issue yet failed to do so. The claimant claims the unpaid PCN from the defendant as driver/keeper  of the vehicle. Despite demands being made, the defendant has failed to settle their outstanding liability.       What is the value of the claim? £176.18, court fee £25 legal costs £50 Total amount £251.18   Has the claim been issued by the Private parking Company or was the PCN assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim ? The claim is issued by the claimants legal representatives - Gladstones.    Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? - yes   Interestingly, It appears that UK PARKING MANAGEMENT NO LONGER MANAGE THE SITE  and in fact were instructed by a single business owner  who no longer trades there. ( there are several businesses along the stretch of road who back on to the area) There is apparently some discussion from other business owners that the land was never actually theirs to enforce...... I assume this is relevant in my defence? 
    • But very few people have tenancy agreements with 3 years or more.  Pretty much the only people in that category are going to be people who brought a property leasehold not freehold.  Which seems to be predominantly London based thing.   My other query on that is the the schedule says "In this Part of this Schedule "   which surely means the definition within this section only refers to this part of the act, not the whole act ?
    • I have sent a sar, the credit card is from some time ago, the 8% interest is added yearly is it not?
    • A summons is not the usual way of calling a motoring matter to court these days. They are nearly always started by a "Single Justice Procedure Notice" (SJPN) or, occasionally, by a Postal Requisition. They have six months to issue this to the court and in most areas take all of that time.    More than that, the OP needs to be advised what to expect and when to expect it because if his "paperwork" has gone astray he may find himself facing a more serious charge. It would be nice if he would come back and help us help him because it's not clear what he has received so far, what he has done with it, how his wife is involved or the timeline for any of that. Until then it's pure speculation.  
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Hi all,


My partner and I moved into a private let on 31st August. It is a 2 bedroom lower cottage flat that was advertised as having a shower and double glazing, but had extensive pictures of each room within the house


At our viewing, the gentleman from the estate agent told us the flat came with white goods, a garage that is in the driveway and garden shed.


We took the property based on having the above promised amenities.


When we met the estate agent to collect the keys, the guy only had 2 keys for the the house and that he wasn’t aware of keys for the garage. He told us to contact the office and they would sort it out for us.


After the man had left, I noticed the disgusting condition of the washing machine. The seal was caked in mould. I cleaned it with antibacterial cleaner, used washing machine cleaner and have put it on empty washes of 90 degrees, but the mould spores will not go away. I suspect the door has been closed for months which has led to this.


We contacted the estate agent to see if they could replace the seal or possibly fix the machine. We were told that the flat didn’t come with white goods, and that the machine was a “gift”.


The inventory lists the cooker and fridge freezer, but not the washing machine. It does, however, include 6 pictures of the washing machine alone.


I am annoyed as we were promised white goods, then told it doesn’t come with white goods, but lists all the other white goods in the inventory!


We have tried to resolve the issue for nearly 3 weeks and have been told the best they can do is uplift the machine.


We have also since been told that the garage doesn’t come with the property, but that the landlord is happy for us to use it. If we want to replace the locks, we will have to pay for it out of our own pocket.


We have been trying to resolve this and have phoned them every day this week, only for them to promise to call us back and they never do. They are now treating it as a formal complaint that they will investigate within 15 working days.


Are we right in saying we have been deceived in taking this property? The lady who told me the washing machine was a “gift” has admitted she she should have communicated this to us before we moved in.

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