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Together/Blemain charges reclaiming

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A few years ago we took out a bridging loan with Lancashire Mortgage Corporation/now Together.


In the documents sent to us was an "Offer Letter" which confirmed the amount to be borrowed ,rates of interest etc but NO mention of any renewal fees of 5% of the total loan.

In fact in the letter it states "Exit Fee-£0".

Very misleading.


It was however mentioned in the Bridging Loan Agreement and this was missed by us, solicitors and broker (allegedly) !!!!


We are taking legal action against the solicitors and broker but this company Together are completely out of control with their charges and it has cost us a very large 6 figure sum.


We have placed numerous complaints to their Internal Complaints team but each time they hide behind the fact that the loan was not a regulated product.


Has anyone else suffered as a consequence of this dreadful company ???



hi - first post so sorry if doing wrong.


I know someone (I'm trying to help them) who has also suffered dreadfully at this hands of this company. I am trying to ascertain what exactly can be reclaimed. If you look around the forum it seems like there is at least some things that can?? I don't know yet if it's just charges per se or interest as well.



Please don't take my word as gospel but it is my understanding that if its a second charge on a residential property then it is regulated business. I believe Together are regulated by the FCA and thus must be carrying out regulated activities??



Hope my "2 cents" are of some use to you. Good luck with everything and you have my utmost sympathies for what you've been though

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If you have kept all of your statements from Blemain then you shouldnt need to sar them.

If you dont, get a sar off to them with the statutory £10 fee asap and lets start reclaiming all those charges and the interest they have charged on top.


Click the SAR link and edit it to suit your circumstances, you are in the right place to do this yourself, look for other bkemain/together threads via the red cag search bar above for information and always come back to your iwn thread here to ask any questions.


may I ask please - the interest that can be reclaimed, is that interest applied to charges (letter fees, etc) or does it also include the extortionate interest they apply to the loans, the renewal and exit fees, etc?


thank you for your help

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ive made you your own thread


you can only reclaim the fees and the interest they cause using the cisheet.


ill point you to a thread later


please keep to this thread now

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Did you actually take out a bridging loan or was it actually a mortgage.

Any Bridging loan should have been in the name of the associated company Bridging Finance Ltd.

Lancashire Mortgage Corporation should only be for mortgages otherwise there breaching FCA rules on trading names.


My loan was a 5 year precomputed mortgage.

On LMC taking me to court for possession it was still down as a mortgage it was only in their reply to defence and counterclaim did their barrister switch their argument to being a bridging loan rather than mortgage.


This fraud is now being dealt with by the SFO and FCA.

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