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    • Yes but Corbyn isn't antisemitic.  That's the thing; I've not seen any specific antisemitism from him .  Several examples of questionable stuff from fringe members of the party, but the way I look at it is that they are representing the British people.  Yes, they should do more to route out these issues that are evident, but I can't see any evidence that Corbyn is anything close to Hitler (As some have tried to say).  In my working life I come up against all the discrimination's you can think of  .... racism, sexism, homophobia... What I mean is that these versions of discrimination are evident throughout society, and everyone should look at themselves before blaming the leader of the Labour party for all racism.   The criticism he has received has been staggering because everyone seems to be outraged whilst at the same time proliferating an atmosphere of discrimination in every day life.... fulled by the Tory party and people like Farage.   Why isn't anyone jabbing Farage in the eye and asking him to apologise for all racists?  Yet they're still happy to have him sat in their studios for a friendly chat even though he's not an MP.
    • I have now received the relevant forms "notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track" Form N149A   I just have a few questions please: Do you agree to this case being referred to to the small claims mediation services - yes  Add contact details - yes  Do you agree that the small claims track is the appropriate track for his case - yes  Enter local County Court venue - yes  Are you asking for the Court's permission to use the written evidence of an expert - do I answer yes or no here please? Witnesses - I assume just myself? Would I like to settle your case without going to a court hearing - I assume yes? I can confirm that I have enough information about the claim, to allow me to enter into negotiations - I assume yes? Would someone be kind enough to point me in the direction of another case similar to this please so I can have a good read and make sure I am doing this right?  Would really appreciate it, thanks  
    • I received all my information from Idem under a SAR, and guess what all my papers were strewn all over the place.     My medical information in that I was a vulnerable person etc etc, and all documentation relating to a Tesco account HBOS.   I immediately sent off a complaint, as my DATA has been open to the public for god knows how long.  I was very upset and took pictures of the very badly torn envelope which was not in my opinion something I would send private information in.   they have a month to come back to me, until I can report it back to the ICO.   Very upsetting that my whole of the post office could have access to my personal information.
    • Bought a 2014 Nissan Juke diesel last May 2018.    Broke down last week, and after my mechanic couldn't find what was wrong, paid to get her towed to a Nissan dealer.   Result is 3 fuel injectors which are leaking, cost of replacement £1600 plus labour cost.   Can I go back to Nissan or garage where I bought it, and say I only have bought this car, and I cannot afford to get it fixed.   Any advice?
    • +1   Far better an elected majority 'Blairite, than any form of elected Johnson or extreme ERG/Thatcherite .. or any unelectable, undesirable, untrustworthy Marxist/Leninist/loonist   Trouble is we are left with choosing/losing our left nut or our right nut at the moment ... (apologies to the Ladies for one interpretation)  
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Andrew Bailey introductory speech on multilateralism and global coordination: A case for balancing autonomy and co-opera

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Speech by Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive of the FCA, at the*Eurofi Financial Forum, on multilaterialism and global coordination.*



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