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mega-dealer won't accept my rejection of car

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Hello Everyone



In essence.


I bought a car, pre-registered by a franchised dealer though with delivery mileage and so considered a used-approved car by them. The cost was £70000


The car developed a transmission whine within the the first 35 miles or so.


Dealer asked me to keep using the car a wee while longer and 'drive-it-in', though they booked in the car for 2 weeks or so hence. This I did for close to the two weeks then the car needed recovering as it had broken down (loose HT Lead they said)


There kept the car to investigate the whining. And provided me with different loan cars then finally a car identical to mine and yes...with the same problem but way worse!


They invited me to drive other cars of the same year and model..new ones from the forecourt. these too made the same sound! They fobbed me off with it being a 'feature of the car'...feature it may be but its a whine that exists when the car is in gear and at certain speeds and not at all when allowed to free-wheel


Car was investigated using diagnostics provided by the manufacturer and this took...14 weeks. the car was then returned to the manufacturer for further investigation. after 2 more weeks I decided to reject the car. Its been too long and Im in limbo


No faith in the brand nor its customer services.


I invoked my short-term right to reject, as the clock 'stops' once the car is returned to the dealership


There have been many discussions with the dealership. they aren't keen on emails nor recording what is said, nor referring to my emails in written replies.


I have asked for my money back or reasons wy they aren't paying.


And that I will not be taking any further calls...email only


The dealer has now stated that they have not accepted my rejection. That I must 'work with them' ..that old reply...Ive maintained the same stance of rejection and the reasons why, and used their own warranty guarantee...which is really a copy and paste of Consumer Act .


If they don't accept it...it ant happen!!


Any members here with a dynamic way to punch through their nonsense??


Oh..the car, is miraculousl now cured...with a clip apparently...its an issue which dogs hundreds of these cars..its on many forums. Im a consumer champion!!,,,no... Seems Im just being 'picky' haha

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Moved to vehicles forum


So you have the car and its fixed?

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please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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No. Never had the car back

First 13 weeks with dealer then a month at the factory. Factory have told dealer that it's an easy fix...only a clip. But I've already rejected the car and have no desire firnits return it to have a test drive or see how I feel about it now as the dealer would have wished.etc etc


Every 67 plate of this that I have expeenced has the same fault. I wonder how many others have made complaint.

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