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Hope someone can advise me please.


I am a landlord who has rented to a 'guaranteed rent' letting agency and they have been fine up to now.


My house has been let via the local council housing as temporary accommodation.


But, now I find myself in a situation where I need to either sell or remortgage and the tenant's son is refusing entry to another agency with interested buyers and also the biggest problem I have is that a surveyor is due to attend to survey the property next Friday and the letting agent is advising that I arrange with the tenant's son for the surveyor, which he is refusing.


The tenant's son was very abusive and aggressive to a prospective buyer who arrived to view as arranged with the tenant (viewer intended to still rent out as a landlord) and the selling agent and viewer were forced to leave the property.


What can I do?

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Thank you for your response.


I am hoping not to have to go to a solicitor as this survey is due next week and also possible buyers not gaining access.


I feel sure that the parents are the tenants and not their son, he is just living there so not sure how he is able to refuse anything but is possibly just a bully and causing problems where there is no need.


Just being difficult.

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Check lease for clause on periodically viewing the property.


If no clause then its technically the renters property because they pay rent. You cannot just let yourself in willy nilly.


The alternative is to serve notice to vacate the property. If up to date with rent then I think its a section 21 ( two months notice)

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I'm not sure what the rule is for periodically viewing the property as these are temporary council tenants housed by the local borough through the 'guaranteed rent' agency scheme and I don't believe the son is the tenant, his parents are, so feel like he is bullying and also wonder why he doesn't want the agency in the house?? Is there something happening in there he has to hide or if not, what right has he got??

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If the let has terms that allows the landlord to do periodic inspections, show people round etc as most agreements do then the occupier is in breach of this agreement and the council should know they will be given notice of the ending of the tenancy agreement because of this. they know that they will have to rehome the occupier and will have lost the property's availbility because of this and may well instruct the recalcitrant person to wind their neck in.

Also, dont trust letting agencies to do your job for you, they are mostly not interested in anything other then their percentage

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You need to look closely at what you signed up to with that letting agency for this rent guarantee scheme via the council.


You also need to contact the council and ask for a copy of there rent guarantee scheme policy for landlords and see what it says.

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