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Utility Bill Issues

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In 2013 I received a default from a utility company for unpaid bills.

I continued to live at the property but didn't speak to them again until 2015.


At this point I pulled my head out the sand and faced my issues, paid off the default and money owing for the period from after the default to the time I called them. I have been clean on my credit since then and during this period it was just them I didn't pay (i'm an idiot).


I am trying to understand how defaults for my period of no contact works

- one was issued in 2013 but obviously I was accruing further utility bills until I took a hold of things.


Should these further missed payments feed into the original default (so it gets bigger) or should they be further individual defaults on my credit file?


To me it was all part of the same issue and between 2013 and 15 there was no contact from me although I am sure they sent me letters.



Is it right that they can default me on separate dates for the same ongoing bill or should this all be one default linked to 2013.



I am not trying to get out of anything - I didn't pay the bill, I own that and if I have to have a default on my account for 6 years from when I finally settled in 2015 then so be it - I have no one to blame but myself, I am keen to ensure that the correct procedure has been followed for reporting though.




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it vanished on the defaulted dates 6th birthday

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Hi Grinchy


Please be careful here and read up a bit more on this issue, and/or report back on your experience/outcome, because.......


if this was a water bill, it runs differently as they are currently allowed to have a rolling default.



defaulted in 2013, no payment.

new bill 2014. new billed amount added to existing default. no payment.

new bill 2015. new billed amount added to existing default.



When sending out each new bill for the next financial year, the water board state on the bill that they are including the new amount owed onto the existing default.


and what is worse is - because it is a rolling default the original default does not drop off your credit report after 6 years (+ 1 month)


Information about how this works can be found here.


'Water Companies CAIS Reporting Guidance

Final May 2012'


i understand from a post on another site that someone is trying to get clarification on this from the ICO, but no update as yet.


All seems outrageous to me. but that is my understanding of the situation.


Anyone else on here had the opportunity to have read this report, or aware of the update as a review of this special privilege afforded to the water companies should have take place last year?

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