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Xercise4Less issues

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Xercise for Less and Harlands are the biggest con around.

Of course current lack of consumer protection in the UK allows them to operate in that manner.

See the enclosed re: my recent experience from this Gym.


I had written confirmation on the reasons of my membership cancellation after putting a lot of pressure on their useless/incompetent manager in Rugby.

The thumb tracing system was rubbish and so was their staff attitude, T&Cs, premises and cleanliness standards.


Also always when stating the reasons of cancellation do it in writing (the Gym is obliged to provide direct e-mail addresses for themselves and Harlands and give you a copy of your personal info in line with GDPR)

- if the bank accidentally cancel DDs they are liable under the DD guarantee to sort out their mess.


Do not get intimidated by the likes of Banks, Rip off Gyms and DD Agents.


Most decent gyms allow you to cancel your membership by giving them a month's notice.

Also they should forward a written copy of their T&Cs if asked to do so.


Also private companies in the UK do not have to give you a reason for not continuing to provide a service which is ludicrous (but they are good in threatening people when cancelling contracts for inadequate standards). RAISE YOUR CONCERNS WITH CAG, WHICH AND THE TRUST PILOT WEBSITE.

Experian is another big offender for getting people's details wrong (regulators are also inadequate and take ages to deal with complaints)


Xercise 4 Less must be stopped from trading

- thank God I am not chased by Harlands for cancelling my membership without the one-month notice deal.


I strongly complained to them (without swearing) since on numerous occasions the appalling thumb tracing system was not working.

I asked to talk to a manager since I joined re: this issue which was 3 months after joining (amazingly the manager was never there and never responded to a generic e-mail address I was given).


Every time the system did not work, a rude person at the reception area would ask for my name (no apologies for the delay/inconvenience) and after 10 mins or so would let me in.


When I finally had enough and dared slightly raising my voice I was banned from this awful joint and had the reasons in writing

- after the manager who once more refused to meet up with me F2F checked out their CCTV that does not cover the dialogue exchanged between myself and 2 staff members.


I have now joined a decent gym where if I have any problems I can see the manager on the spot and have a cup of tea rather than being treated like dirt and called a middle aged cow

- customer service in this country sucks and some companies need to be warned about citizen journalism and take it all the way (also quite a few gyms nowdays do not have revolting binding contracts).


That was in Rugby by the way...

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