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Barclays Amended Offer Still Not Received

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Hi All,


I am in need of some help/guidance.


In the process of buying a house. Our mortgage offer has been issued by Barclays. We had put an offer in back in June 2018 for X amount, which was accepted by the sellers and mortgage offer given based on X amount.


However, we negotiated a further reduction in the purchase price around July 4th 2018. A few days later, our mortgage advisor updated/filled in a form and sent it off to Barclays with new (lower) purchase price, and to issue an updated/amended offer.


Fast forward to today, we still have not received a thing. My solicitor has been chasing them over the past 2 weeks. Barclays have themselves admitted that its taken longer than their own 'policy' states, and every time he phoned, the adviser kept saying they will send an urgent request off to the relevant department to get this sent out. Apparently, the amended details have been entered onto the system, but no documents issued. We phoned them about 5 times, and still the same response from them.


I am going to phone them myself and get answers as I still have not done so. We have paid our deposit to our solicitor, contracts and other documents signed, but not exchanged with the other party until Barclays offer has been received.


The major worry for me is that the current sellers, had agreed with us to move out by September 14th, and they are permanently going to live abroad. This was not signed in any type of document as such, just verbal agreement.


Due to Barclays not acting fast enough, I am afraid we will lost out in buying the house.


Is there anything I can do to get this resolved? Should I complain to Barclays? FCA? etc


Many thanks in advance.



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Hi Jay,


Complaining by phone can be easy and fast but it may not get the results you need, in the time you need.


See here for contact details to lodge a formal urgent complaint to the CEO's office - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?488621-Barclays-has-sent-me-someone-else-s-information-(statements-and-letters)&p=5134919&viewfull=1#post5134919


Complain by phone but record the call. Tell the bank staff you're recording the call and that you're lodging a formal complaint with the CEO's office because of the inexplicable delays and potential loss of the house you are trying to buy.


Keep the phone and/or written complaint as brief as possible - further detail can be furnished if and when needed. Just stick to the bare bones like date and brief description of event, discussion, etc.



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Thanks !:-)

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Thank you so much!

I will call them tomorrow as they are open until 1pm.

Will keep you posted on what happens.



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I did as advised over the weekend, and to my surprise I received the following reply:


"Thank you for your email addressed to our CEO, Jes Staley. I am responding to you on his behalf and I’m sorry you’ve had cause to complain. Rest assured that your complaint is being taken very seriously and has been passed to our dedicated Executive Complaints Team for investigation.


I am sorry to hear of the problems you have experienced. We will ensure a thorough review of the circumstances you outline is undertaken and arrange for you to be contacted with an update as quickly as possible but no later than 22 August."


I have asked that they pay for my solicitor's fees as a bare minimum for time wasting whether or not we purchase the property in question. Even today, I have not received their updated mortgage offer, so will wait until tomorrow before looking at alternate options.


I will keep you posted.


Many thanks,


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