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    • Ho @honeybee13,     Re the account number...Phew! Thank you for that...I'm normally pretty careful in redacting stuff but, did post this very late last night and then started working on...redacting some documents 🙄......in the early hours of the morning when I couldn't sleep, which was in preparation for bringing you up to speed with everything.   Re your question: that's what spurred me on to finally join the site: npower have been in so many breaches over the years, it's mind numbing. One of their latest series of breaches even involves the Ombudsman sanctioning those breaches 👿 Here's what he said about this:-   "The other aspect is in relation to the deadlock letter. You are unhappy that this was sent to your nephew, Mr Sxxxx, but addressed to you. I did seek clarification from npower regarding this and they confirmed what I suspected. Because Mr Sxxxx has been assisting you with your complaint and is a named representative on your npower account, as he is on your account with us, npower state that he had requested information from them, including a deadlock letter. npower therefore sent the deadlock letter to Mr Sxxxx but because the deadlock letter is about your account, the deadlock letter was addressed to you. This is a reasonable explanation from npower, and I do not class this as a breach of GDPR because npower has not shared your personal data with anyone they were not meant to."    
    • Thanks, I have only raised it the once and just took the chance to ask if he'd spoken to the chap and once done, fully intended to thanks both. No, I don't want all the hassle, saying I'd pull my big girl pants up and listen to advice given on here. It was he who began to shout at me so I tried to stand my ground. I know these things can get out of hand. What happens if I need work on the panel in future and for workmen to be at that height interrupts their signal? This isn't a hypothetical question as I've had to have remedial work done in 2015, two years after install with scaffolding up to the roof line?  I really dont want grief again at a later date. Thanks for the reply. It's appreciated.
    • That's certainly an avenue worth exploring. It's a shame when somebody's driving record suffers because of what is essentially an "administrative" offence. Unfortunately there's no difference in the penalty between what happened here and somebody tanking it at 120 on the M1 simply declining to name the driver in order to avoid the (almost inevitable) ban for that offence.   As well as that he may be asked whether he has any unspent convictions in (say) the past five years and whatever the position with his licence he must answer "yes" to that. Whilst penalty points become spent when they cease to have an effect (i.e. after three years) the accompanying endorsement is not spent until five years have elapsed. The problem I think the OP may face is that it is often the employer's insurers who set the conditions and they may not be easily swayed.
    • Would it be an option to appeal to the company looking to employ you, explaining the situation (why you have points on your licence) and highlighting that the index offence wasn’t committed by you, and now you are more aware of the need for company policies tracking drivers, to protect the other company staff?
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Just a question. Can nPower hold a customer to account if they are unable to find or supply any signed contract taken at the beginning of the period. This is in relation to an account going back to 2009 where nPower now say they cannot provide me with any signed contract as they have lost / destroyed / wiped it? Wilkins Chapman involved as well

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whats going on

lets have the full story please



please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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Long story cut short.


My wife signed up with nPower on the doorstep back in 2009 whilst I was away on business

she was sold on the reduced costs that would not increase for two years...

three months later DD doubled...

complained got nowhere...

didn't pay for nearly five years!!! but was still supplied gas and electricity


continued to complain

was given loads of ''goodwill gestures'' at £200 a go...and then we moved house and have a new supplier...


.naturally we provided moving out meter readings and bills were sent by email.

...nearly £5,000 in total...


I asked for a copy of the contract she signed to be told there was not one as it had been lost / destroyed or wiped...

Solicitors got involved issued court paperwork and still I asked for contract...


there was also another long standing discrepancy over a back billing which I was told circa June 2014 would be credited for approx £1000..

.this was never done so I have used that as a dispute..


.eventually agreed a consent order once nPower agreed to the £1000 and have been paying that but still pushing for contract which is not forthcoming...???


Maybe i'm on a flyer but surely no signed contract nothing for them to hang their hat on except implied contracts?

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utility companies are at an advantage becuase the law gives them the right to bill the occupier of a property they supply so no contract actually needed (unless you are being asked to pay twice).


All of your correspondence will indicate that you have accepted a contract so cant see what you are trying to gain here.


If you are questioning the amount due then get them to look at their bills again, if you are looking for a get out there isnt one

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