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PPM/gladstone W/screen PCN Letter Of Claim - New Gun Wharf- Gun Makers Lane London E3 - All ignored - Should I now pay??

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Evening All,


First of all I'd really like to thank you all for viewing my post and secondly I'd very much appreciate any advice you might be able to offer.


Location: New Gun Wharf, Gun Makers Lane, London E3

PPM Parking Sign is Attached

Letter from Gladstones is also Attached

Approx location of my car at the tie is also attached


On the 23rd December 2017 I went to visit a friend who lives in a private block of apartments.


To enter his block, you first turn off the main road Old Ford Road (which leads onto a small cobbled road (this is Gun Makers Lane which is double yellow lined and leads onto a park),


once on this road and about 20 metres in there is another left turn you can make onto a brick paved area which serves as a communal area for the the residents of the apartments


. It's worth noting, that this area has retractable bollards to enter, but they are always down for vehicle access.


There are always cars here but it is also worth noting that the block has underground parking for residents. (Its all very transparent if you google the location and do street view)


I wasn't really long at all, however on my return I discovered a parking ticket from Parking and Property Management Ltd.


It was dark and I really didn't bother to look for sign posts which outlined the conditions of parking there.


I shoved the ticket down the side of my car door and forgot about it.


Almost 7 months later I have received a ' LETTER BEFORE CLAIM' from Gladstones Solicitors, this letter is dated 17th July.


Aside from this notice, I do not remember receiving any other correspondence from these people.


I have trawled through my car and all my post again just to make sure and cannot find anything nor can I find the actual ticket


They are asking for a payment of £160 or they threatening to take legal action.


I have had previous experience with UK Parking Control and DRP in the past and have learned to just ignore these types of crooks, but on this occasion I'm not quite so confident given how many people I've seen go to court with PPM and Gladstones.


I am a fair driver and generally do not get tickets, and on the occasions I do I pay them if its fair and legit.


So guys on this occasion where do you think I stand with contesting the ticket?


Really look forward to any advice and thank you all in advance for you help


multipage PDF version of docs are now attached without refs

PPM Sign, Gladstones Letter, My Location v2.pdf

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Hi there,


Please see below;


1 The date of infringement: 23 Dec 2017


2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] N


have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) [must be received by you between 29-56 days] ; I honestly can’t remeber receiving one, is there any way I can check?

what date is on it

Did the NTK provide photographic evidence?


3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) [Y/N?] : as above , cannot remember receiving NTK


4 If you appealed after receiving the NTK,

did the parking company give you any information regarding the further appeals process? as above , cannot remember receiving NTK

[it is well known that parking companies will reject any appeal whatever the circumstances]


5 Who is the parking company? PPM


6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? NEW Gun Wharf, Gunmakers Lane , London E3

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ok good info gathering almost over so the experts in the morning have as much as you have to play with...


one last point...you have not moved or your car is not registered to the address gladdy's sent that too par chance..

just strange you would forget seeing a letter with photos of your car upon it..= NTK...

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Thanks for the images you uploaded.

Could you also please add a copy of the windscreen notice .


Do all the notices in the parking area say the same thing as some times where there are other signs ,they contradict each other.


Not quite sure what you mean by the successes of PPP and Gladstones.

PPP take only a small percentage of motorists to Court and have been described as an incompetent one man band. And Gladstones are a laughing stock. d


In any event from the one notice you have shown it would appear that parking is not allowed so you were trespassing. The landowner is therefore the only person who can sue not some mickey mouse parking company.


Please do not send off anything about trespass to them yet.

It will be better to get as much info as possible before totally blasting them out of the water.

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Thanks guys for both your replies, addressing your questions below


dx100uk : "you have not moved or your car is not registered to the address gladdy's sent that too par chance..just strange you would forget seeing a letter with photos of your car upon it.."


It's possible they did send it, as mentioned however I've had several issues with UKPC recently and it may have got shelved amongst those docs.


Right now unfortunately, I just cannot find it

- have honestly searched the flat high and low before coming here and had no luck


lookinforinfo: "Could you also please add a copy of the windscreen notice " - Unfortunately I do not have it


lookinforinfo: "Do all the notices in the parking area say the same thing as some times where there are other signs ,they contradict each other"


- There are three other signs in the vicinity and they are exactly the same


lookinforinfo: "Not quite sure what you mean by the successes of PPP and Gladstones"


- Apologies, I was only alluding to the fact that these guys seem to get motorists to react (judging by all the threads I've read here concerning these guys) ,


my approach with UKPC and DRP was to ignore them and eventually they went away.


I had no idea how many court cases PPM and Gladstones actually won but it would now seem hardly none if any, but for the most I do see that I will probably need to take some action on this occasion in the form of an actual response.


Really appreciate the feedback and attention so far, please let me know if you require anything else.

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3 signs in the vicinity. sorry, that is too vague, a sign around the corner wouldnt be considered to apply to where your car was parked for example


. So, what we need to see is any signage visible at the entrance to the private land from the public highway and if theyre isnt any then a picture of the entrance so you can show that no warning given.


secondly a picture of the signage present and its approximate size and where it is located.


Pictures showing the road layout, whether there is street lighting etc all helps.


Any thing that gives an indication of how visible the signage is from anywhere that a car could possibly be situated and be expected to be under the contract offered.

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Hi Ericsbrother, thank you for your response.


I went back to the site and took a selection of pictures.


For context, I have also taken a pic of the satellite view of the area,


I have then annotated this showing the following;

1. The red arrows show my path from the main road to where I parked the car

2. The black stars are where all the parking signs are located

3. The gold oval with the black outline is where I parked my car


Seen together I think its quite intuitive and hopefully I have answered all your questions


Many thanks and look forward to your response

Car Location:Signage and Location.pdf

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OK the really important thing is there is NOTHING at the entrance to the land to draw your attention to the fact they are offering you terms for parking so you can consider them and then decide to drive past if you dont agree with them. saying there are signs on the wall written in serbo-Croat wont impress, bags os cases about this if you dig deep.


Now they will argue that you must have seen the signs but the size, colour positioning etc all make this easy to argue against as you will have not had the opportunity to avoid breaching the conditions by the time you actually see the signs. That is like putting up a sign saying do not read this notice. A simple sign saying do not park here woudl make more sense.


As the signage is prohibitive in nature haoe can you accept the conditions and park? You cant so the only way of forming a contract is to break it which means there is no genuine offer to park.

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Please fill in your quit date here

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