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    • Hi I’m new here so not sure if I’m posting in the right place!  Long story short I separated from my now ex husband 2 years ago he ran of and did the dirty after 20 years marriage 3 children and left me with a load of debt unfortunately all in my name £33,000 in total now being a single parent and only being able to work part time as my youngest has special needs  my income really is mainly from benefits  he receives dla high rate and full mobility because of his medical needs. Its a very big struggle especially trying to pay everything run a home and 3 children  going without all the time  added stress with debt collectors and now bailiffs for council tax, shop direct account and a parking fine hadn’t realised mobility badge had expired!  I’ve read loads of advice on here  and am considering filing bankruptcy  my question is can these bailiff debts be included in a bankruptcy or can they still chase me for the money.  I just can’t see a way out at all what I owe will take me years and years to pay back  life is so stressful 😢 thank you in advance for any advice given. sorry it’s a little long winded!   
    • Hello  Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place. I got a bus lane fine that dates back to over 12 months ago however, I didn’t receive the original fine from the council. This is because I moved address and the DVLA didn’t update my address when I changed my log book. This has caused me other issues for example, I got a fine for not taxing my car. So I got the year old fine through the door which has now been passed to Jacobs and it’s now £180. I called them to advise it’s the first I heard of it but I will pay it in instalments. They bates something like £58 a month and I said I checked my outgoings and I can afford £37. They declined this so I said I’ll pay £37 every month anyhow. To date I have made 2 payments of £37 and was due to make another on Friday on payday. I’ve come home to a letter hand delivered saying removal within 24 hours and the balance is £336! I called Jacobs and they said although I’m making payments , they didn’t agree to the payment plan. I rang the guy that delivered the note and asked him if he’s going to break in and he said he didn’t say that.  The way I envisaged it going was to a judge and a judge would see it as unfair that I didn’t get the original £30 fine, I’m paying what I can afford. From what I’ve read they can’t force entry. I just don’t want to keep paying £37 and then the £336 keeps rising.  My friend has suggested that I pay off what is left of the £180 and speak to the council to see if they can ask Jacobs to back off now. Please help 
    • Also if anyone is interested, I originally applied for the loan via Ocean Finance, I chased them today for a copy of my original application form as I believe there may be discrepancies that I want to check. Please see the reply from Ocean Finance below. It seems that my documents and data are lost, the name Ocean Finance still exists so I have asked for details of their compliance officer      "Thank you for your email. You have requested information relating to a loan that we believe you had previously taken through Ocean Finance and Mortgages Limited.   Unfortunately we are unable to assist you further with your request as Intelligent Lending Limited (company number 04291279) which trades under the name Ocean and Ocean Finance, is a separate company to Ocean Finance and Mortgages Limited (company number 04892540).    Please be advised that in August 2012 Intelligent Lending Limited purchased the Ocean Finance brand from Ocean Finance and Mortgages Limited.  If you therefore took out your loan before this date it would have been through Ocean Finance and Mortgages Limited (company number 04892540) and not Intelligent Lending Limited.    Ocean Finance and Mortgages Limited has however ceased trading on 16th August 2016.    
    • Sorry, forgot to attach the PDF letter. Here it is:Notice to Instruct Solicitors_27JAN2020.pdf    
    • Hi CAG,   New correspondence received:  Notice of Intention to Instruct Solicitors.   I have attached the correspondence in PDF.  The letter is from TNC Collections.   They want payment in 7 days or they will instigate immediate legal proceedings against me.   Is this one last attempt at scare tactics?  Any response or action required by me at this stage?   Thanks
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Good morning Caggers,



I am wondering if someone can help me out with a bit of an issue to do with lease of a retail kiosk.



Back in February of this year I rented a retail kiosk from my local council which was in a High Street but was classed as within the local market.



I was selling cut flowers and plants. This was a completely new venture and basically took all spare money I had to set up and it looked really good.



The problem started about a month after I opened when the market manager (council run market) allowed a huge plant and flower stall to pitch up a few yards from the kiosk. When I say huge it was the size of 8/10 normal size market pitches. Apparently, this stall was a nursery and therefore grew a lot of the plants and was able to sell them cheaper than me. Now the market was on 3 days a week and to be fair he was only there on a Saturday but it was a waste of time me opening on a Saturday because people walked straight past and made a beeline for him. To add insult to injury, the market manager in his infinite wisdom, allowed 2 other stalls onto the market selling plants and flowers and they were there every day.



The problem was I just didnt take any money. I think I had a couple of weeks at first which were ok but as soon as these stalls were allowed on I didnt even take the rent!.



I complained to the Council and the local councillor but it all fell in deaf ears and eventually I had no choice but to return the keys in April, I was there about 10 weeks in total.



The original lease I signed was a year with a six month get out clause and the council were chasing me for the full six months.



| sent them a letter when I gave the keys back explaining why and how I felt they had let me down by letting all these other stalls on and basically killing any hope I had to build a business. Unfortunately I had no money so consequently got into arrears with the rent because I had no customers and no savings because I had spent it all setting up the kiosk.



Eventually after a few backward and forward letters they agreed to accept me terminating the lease when I returned the keys and said they would cancel any invoices after that date but I would still owe the rent upto that date, which was fair enough.



I told them I would have to pay it off with a small amount weekly as I was out of work.



I have now received another legal document which I believe is a Deed of Surrender for which the councils legal team have produced and are charging me £200 for the privilege.



They know my current situation, another £200 really? I dont understand it, I dont know what they will do if I dont sign it. any input on this situation would be really appreciated.

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Yes you need a deed of surrender.

It relinquishes your rights under the original lease to a certain piece of property.

Basically a contract terminating a contract early.

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