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Good Afternoon Everyone!



I just thought I'd do the polite thing and quickly say hello to all you good people.



I've been a lurker for a good couple of years and have alwayscome back to this particular site for information about Student Loan Debt and have found the information to be interesting to say the least, I was fairly wide eyed reading about the ins and outs of how it really works.



I won't get too into that here though because I don't want to preach to the converted as it were, Just that I've read alot of things here that I have confirmed myself and has actually changed my world view.



I'm a bit older now though and I'm at a time of my life where its time for me to prepare for my future and nail my debts, Create an emergency fund and get some money working for me in the long run become financially independant so I can leave something behind.. That's the plan anyway.



I'll wont get into any specifics obviously but I'm 32/M and have been making active steps to get things under control, I've quit smoking and drinking (about a year ago) and started to get my health in order and now hopefully to get my mind and lifestyle to follow suite.



I'm sure there are many here that have been where I am and I can't wait to join a forum of interesting and experienced people..



Thanks everyone,








PS; My main problem is with (Yes, You guessed it.. Vanquis!) So I will be posting in the relevant thread just to log my journey for provenance. Thanks again!

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Welcome aboard Vanquished


Start your thread in the appropriate forum when your ready.





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Please fill in your quit date here

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