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Good afternoon, everyone.

Hopefully, I've remembered to add all the right details and posted in the correct place.


My partner has recently been getting a lot of letters and "ring up and hang up" calls from Lowell Financial LTD. recently. It is due to two unpaid debts to Shop Direct and Capital One for £1,383 and £1,754 respectively. I know that both debts are younger than six years, but I don't have the exact dates to hand at the moment.


These were obviously not the original amounts owed, but despite trying to contact the original creditors in the past, new interest has continued piling up as they seem disinterested in being helpful in any way.


The reason I am writing here today instead of my partner is that I am her carer, and she is not capable of handling this issue herself.


The debts were accrued during my fiancee's marriage to her ex-husband: a repugnantly abusive human being who is responsible for most of the collective £11,000+ debt under my partner's name.


He spent many years bullying and coercing her into taking out loans and buying things from catalogues while forcing her to pay for the household bills and keeping every penny of his own income for his own pleasure.


Not only is my partner mentally incapable of dealing with this situation due to her PTSD and longstanding mixed-anxiety-depressive disorder, but the constant harassment is triggering episodes and meltdowns


I am really worried about her and want to understand if there is anything I can do to deal with this situation.


We had a letter through the door today headed: "Assessing your accounts for legal action".


I think I understand that this is just a fishing tactic, as Lowell has made endless calls to the house in order to find out whether or not she lives here, but they always hang up the moment I answer the phone (my fiancee never answers the phone herself because of her anxieties).


Recently, I dealt with a collection agency for Street UK who were after £5,000 from me for a personal loan to start a business which I could no longer pay at all by explaining my situation absolutely to them.


I lost my business and all my income as a result of my own abusive ex-partner, and I explained the catastrophic harm the continued harassment was doing to my mental health because of my own PTSD and my recently diagnosed comorbid avoidant/dependent personality disorder.


Since then, they have stopped contacting me entirely.

I feel as if they were more likely to be understanding, however, given that Street UK is in association with the DWP to help people start small businesses (not that I got more than a fraction of the help I was promised by the Jobcentre - but that's another story), and they can't be seen to be too grubby.


Lowell, on the other hand, seems to possess no such scruples, given the various reports I read online. Sure, I know I should be mindful that nobody will speak very nicely of them, given that nobody likes paying debts, but the themes are too significant and consistent to ignore.


We have tried securing a debt-relief-order for the household, but our car is still worth more than £1000, which makes things problematic since we are loath to sell it. It is, after all, costing us less to maintain than an old banger would, which would quickly run-up costs.


We are worried, since we just don't have the wherewithal or the money to handle this situation, and are already mired in court cases against my own ex for domestic abuse and parental alienation (16 months no contact with my children and counting).


Lowell's cruelty just feels like poverty-punishment at this point.

We only recently had to shell out £100+ because our car's road tax ran out at the start of the month, and we had no choice but to wait and not use it until the end of the month when PIP came in.


Surprise, surprise, some jobsworth just magically appeared to clamp our vehicle in the interim. We couldn't buy food or pay utility bills for this month, and I've had to negotiate with my utility company to accept late payments for the next two months without punishing us.


So, yeah... sorry if this is in the wrong place or is too verbose - I get like that when I'm anxious.


I should also probably add that we have contacted StepChange in the past, and were informed that there wasn't much they could do to help us at the time.

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Until/unless you get a letter of claim id forget about them

Nothing much you can do by entering into pointless letter tennis


Have you contacted action fraud and got a ref number about all the fraud



please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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Can you list all of the other debts please, how much, who's chasing, etc.



STAY OFF the phone to any of these vultures, keep EVERYTHING in writing.



Have all of the charges been reclaimed on these?



Have you got ALL of the statements and know exactly how these debts are made up, and what charges can be reclaimed.



Once they are aware that you're in financial difficulty, then they 'should' stop interest and charges, those that don't get £1 a month for the life of the debt.



IF, any of these have been terminated by the original creditor, then NO interest OR charges can be added.

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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