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I have a flat that I rent out through a letting agent,several weeks ago the letting agent sent me a message saying the tenant was wanting to change the hall flooring as it was carpet tiles,i agreed that someone could go round there and do a quote for laminated flooring.

Fast track to yesterday when I noticed my usual monthly rent payment from the letting agent was £230 lighter,I sent them an email straight away and he tells me the woman living in the flat had her bedroom carpeted and had the hall done as well and this was what it had cost me in carpeting and planing underside of doors etc.

None of this was notified to me at any time,emailed them back asking how was this and the letting agent is saying I was wanting carpets in the hall told him I had never wanted nor spoke to him about carpets and this was the first I heard of it,hes coming out with a load of barefaced lies to me ,i think it was his mate that did the carpets.

Ive told him Im not happy and told him to send me a fully itemised receipt,Ive also been in touch with the property ombudsman.

Thing that sticks in me the most I had someone arranged to do laminated flooring and its been carpeted now,anything else I can do?

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It depends from the contract you have with the letting agent.

Most of them put a very dodgy clause in their t&c signed by the customer in which you agree to let them carry out repairs without your consent for a max of £250/month.

Seen many people with large portfolios being short changed £240 for every property every month until they found out, sometimes years later.

If this is not in the contract, sue them for the unauthorised work.

Tell the tenants to pay you directly from now on, sack them and manage the property yourself.

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i dont recall seeing a contract,its been 4 years since i first used them,surely the tenants would have a contract with the letting agency?

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No, it's your contract with the letting agent, stating the fees they take from you and their t&c of the property management

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Does not sound right to me...tenants requesting improvements...letting agents quoting and approving improvements....owner foots the bill no say in it ?


Since when did a landlord become responsible for the tenants flooring requirements ?





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You need to urgently request a copy of your agreement/contract with this Letting Agent.

(I am surprised that you do not have a copy especially after using them for 4 years you legally have a contract with this Letting Agent although you have not signed anything as you mention)


Sorry if this is blunt but as a Landlord you need to be more pro active and not having a copy of that agreement/contract with the Letting Agent is shocking, you do realise that even though you have Employed the services of this Letting Agent if anything goes wrong with your Property no matter if it is repairs, deposit, rent etc.


The Buck stops with you the Landlord not the Letting Agent.


Did they carry out a Check-in Inventory?

If gas in Property is there an up to date Gas Safety Certificate?

Is there an up to date Electrical Safety Inspection?

If a Deposit is paid is it protected in one of the Tenancy Deposit Schemes?

Does the Property have an EPC Certificate?

Are there smoke alarms in the property if required by legislation?

Is the Property registered with the Local Authority as such? (most Local Authorities now require this of Landlords)


Your issue is with the Letting Agents action and you need to ask for a copy of that Agreement/Contract that you have with the Letting Agent.


As they contacted you for permission at the Tenants request about fitting carpets you only agreed for someone to go out and carryout a quote for Laminate only, then the Letting Agent without your permission not only uphold the Tenants request but employ's someone to fit carpets and bills you the Landlord for the work.


Ah no you did not give permission for the actions they took. (again you need a copy of the Agreement/Contract)


Have a wee look at this CAG link as there are links that may be useful to you:


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