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    • The revenue protection officer worked for a train operating company.  If you know which Train company it is, go to their website and look for their complaints process.  Then submit the complaint with full details and copies of the tickets.     
    • Why aren't you recording your calls?   Please monitor this thread for a fuller reply over the weekend    
    • Why I went back:   Eventually, after being detained too long against my will. I paid the higher fare due to threats of a fine and in effort to gain my right to freedom: I then went through the turn-styles and on my visit to the booking/box office(aka: the main ticket booth on the way out) The man said I had to go back to the turn-styles to get my refund as he said it was a different system.   I asked him to come with me. He said he could not, i asked him to hold my hand. (English term of phrase). I did not want him to actually hold my hand.   He understood that and refused as he was on shift.    That is why I had to go back. I made an account here to seek help for me and other passengers. The site admin of this forum constantly tried to pass blame onto me. for many days. I cant explain how stressful this has been after the stress of the incident.   Can you please help me?                
    • So ,  after sending a letter refusing to accept the refund that was offered i received a phone call yesterday and an email that sums up the conversation i had. I have copied this below.  Good morning Mr Thank you for your email received on 16 August 2019.I’m sorry you disagree with our calculations and felt that my colleague didn’t listen to you.  I understand you don’t want us to make any accountadjustment or accept our proposed solution, until we look at everything again for you.We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality services, so I’ll do all I can to help you and put this right.I’m pleased we had the opportunity to talk about your concerns and decide on the best way forward.  As we agreed, here’s a summary of the issues wetalked about:· You requested details of your metered bills and payments (I’ve attached these to this email).· You don’t want to accept the solution we offered, of billing you on our ‘assessed charge’ tariff.· You don’t want to accept the goodwill payment offered £220.00 and feel you could have built your extension 2 years earlier, if we hadn’t charged youtoo much. · The meter readings we billed you for include water used at 74 Scotchman Lane, because you have a shared supply pipe.· You’d like 50% of your water and sewerage volume charges refunding to resolve this.· You’d like interest on your overpayment calculated accurately and based on 8% (not the Bank of England base rate).· You spoke to our technician and you said he advised it would be easy to alter your private pipework, so a meter can be fitted just for your home.· You prefer to pay a metered charge.· I’ll look into the points you’ve raised, and I’ll do all I can to work towards an amicable solution with you.I’ve taken the first step and I’m pleased to confirm that we’ve arranged a meter survey to be carried out on 6 September 2019 (arriving between 10amand 12 noon).  This survey will be done by our service partner ‘Morrison Utilities’, and they can estimate what it will cost you to have the pipeworkaltered, so a meter can be fitted.  Once I have the results of their visit,I’ll give you a call so we can talk about our next step.After we reach a solution and agree how you’ll be billed, I’ll be happy to work out a new interest calculation for you.  We use the Bank of England baserate and this won’t be changed, but I’ll be happy to renegotiate a final settlement figure with you.  If we pay interest, this will be subject to current HMRCtaxation rules.I assure you, I’ll keep an eye on your account and update you on each step we take.  I’ll call you again by 13 September 2019 about our progress.In the meantime, if you’d like to talk to me, please call me on 01274 318452 and I’ll be happy to help.  If I’m not available you’ll be able to talk toa colleague or leave a message.Regards   Personally i am not happy with the email especially as I didnt mention that i would pay for any pipework to be altered. He did say to me on the phone that the pipes after the boundary are ours and therefore our responsibility. I did then point out that if this was the case then there is nothing to stop me cutting and capping the pipe after it enters my property.    I am now going to try work out what the refund with 8% interest is from the figures he has provided.
    • Looking at the thread Im guessing theyre SB?
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Customer protect warranty

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Hello All


Looking for some advice.


Bought a used car in March 2016 from a car supermarket place. Was sold a 3 year warranty with the car which in my opinion was pressure sold (was made to think i wouldnt get the finance on the car if i didnt agree to it). Anyway roll on to December 2017 returning from a trip the car lost all power on a dual carriageway luckily not far from home so managed to get the car home safely.

I phoned customer protect the following day who advised me to get the fault diagnosed (they recomended Halfords) so i paid £50 an took the car to halfords for diagnostics..they reported back saying that it was probably an injector that was at fault and that there was no issue with the turbo.


At the time i was not in a position to pay out a vast amount of money on repair due to job issues. So the car has been standing on my drive for the last 6 months.


Roll onto the present day im now in a better position and have saved up some money for the car to be repaired. So i booked it in with the local Hyundai dealer who have said the turbo is shot and will need replacing, gonna cost over £3000 to put right. So today i phone the Warranty company (customer protect) and advise them of this, they speak to the Hyundai dealer and have refused the repair because i first informed them of the issue last December. Now i know they aren't gonna cover the whole expense as the warranty will only go up to £1000 and im quite prepared to cover the rest of the repair from my own pocket.


My question is can i get my money back that i paid out for the warranty (£800 i think)


Any advice much appreciated.

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You were told that it was the injector so did you get that in writing at the time or is it a case of he says she says?

You would need to read the warrany very carefully to see if their cop out is actually a term in the ciontract. These things are insurance contracts so you can complain to the insurance Ombudsman if you fail to get anywhere with the warranty people Also were you given a peper copy of the warrany contract at the time or are you expected to look it up online to see what you have bought? if the letter it is very likely to be unenforceable so easier to get you money back.

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