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This NTK came to someone I know and quite frankly it's a joke!


Date of parking: 08/07/2018

NTK date: 13/07/2018


NTK received (last week, I'll check the exact date)


The vehicle was parked from 15:43 to 16:02,

the driver went into the pub,

spoke to the pub owner while drinking a coke and left.


The car park is for the pub only, not shared iwth shops or anything, post code is RM6 6QT


Google nosey neighbour link: https://goo.gl/maps/3bb2EhXYUJN2


The reason for the charge being issued is 'Your vehicle was not authorised to park'


As the car was there for less than 20 minutes it's not an over stay,

so I'm guessing the driver forgot to get a free ticket or register the reg number at the till.


Until I see a photo of the car park signs I won't know.


Anyway, any thoughts on this one?


One thing I need to add is that the registered keeper moved house a week ago so the NTK was sent to the old address,

I think they need to send at least one response to Euro CP to advise of the change of address and I guess at the same time deny any responsibility for the keeper as the vehicle was parked correctly (dependant on photo of sign)?

Tollgate Ticket.jpg

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I wouldn't worry about the date Homer, nor the ticket.

As the car was not authorised to park their it was trespassing which only the land owner can do not a fly-by-night talentless bunch of crooks that masquerade as car parking companies.

Do write and give them the keepers new address. AT the same time he/she could add that they were unaware that Euro parks were able to pursue motorists for trespass though since they don't adhere to the BPA Code of Conduct and offer a full 60% reduction for early payment why should they obey the Regulations in other respects. In any event the keeper has no intention of paying. If they say that Europarks will know that it will be easier getting money from other motorists. They won't give up but can be safely ignored unless they are stupid enough to send a Claim form. Then come back here. There will be unregulated DCAs also threatening loads more money-totally ignore them.


They will huff and puff and demand even more money but will eventually give up as they know they cannot take the motorist to Court.

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You might not want to do exactly what lookingforinfo states though.


The discount is 40% not 60% and, whilst it doesn't make it any more valid, 40% off of £85 is £51, so they're actually offering a discount of more than 40% (ain't that nice of them!). But equally, you don't actually owe them £50 or £85 or any other amount that they can come up with, so it's not really a discount at all :lol:

Please note that my posts are my opinion only and should not be taken as any kind of legal advice.
In fact, they're probably just waffling and can be quite safely and completely ignored as you wish.

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what does not authorised to park mean? it means you were a trespasser an that is down to the landowner or his authorised agent, the bloke in the pub you were talking to so inshort you were authorised unless the bloke was busy telling you to leave, which you did so no actionable trespass.. It has nothing to do with ECP ever. they really are stupid.

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Thanks Guys, I'm expecting the photo of the signs later today so I'll see what they say and word up a response with the change of address on.

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