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Assaulted, but I got arrested?

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Hi Guys.


Brief History.

I am at present out on bail, pending a court case for alleged criminal damage.

Present Day

I was Assaulted & Harrassed on 22nd June by the owner of the vehicle, who is claiming that I damaged his van. I was then arrested on the 16th July for the altercation, albeit that the charges were NFA (no further action)


Now here's my annoyance. You can clearly see from the camera stills that he was the one following me as I was walking away, three times I might add.


Here's my questions;


  1. When I was originally arrested for the criminal damage, it took the police less than an hour to arrest me. Why did this offence take them 3 weeks ?
  2. There was at least 7 people seen going past the camera. Why have they not been interviewed as witnesses ?
  3. Regarding the criminal damage, his dash cam was used to gather evidence immediately.
    I mentioned this to the police when I got arrested the second time, yet no evidence was used from his dash cam this time, yet they would have clearly seen off his dash-cam, that he was the aggressor and the one screaming abuse at me.
  4. Why was he not arrested ?

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This site is mainly for consumer-related issues and civil law so I don't know how much expertise there is on criminal law. Maybe someone will have some suggestions. Have you got a solicitor to defend you when the case comes to court? I'd have thought they were best placed to answer these questions.


re your questions about the 7 people walking past the camera. The police can only interview them if they know who they are. Do they? Do you know who they are? If so you could ask them to be defence witnesses - but talk to your solicitor before approaching them.

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With all respect to you, none of your questions will assist you either in the criminal or the civil courts. Focus your energies on (1) fighting any prosecution that might arise and (2) preserving any potential civil claims against either the police or the other party.


You say you have been re-arrested. Please clarify what for.




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Hi cossie, can you please explain what happened?

Was this a road traffic accident turned roadside fight?

Or the van was parked and you bumped into the van?

The police won't arrest people for no reason and if there's camera footage they surely watch it.

Give us more info please

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