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Need Advice with RBS PPI (Scotland)

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In 2012 I entered a Protected Trust Deed.


The reason for the TD was quite simple the RBS wanted to get a decree for a loan in arrears but not defaulted, which would have allowed them to apply to get a unsecured loan converted to a secured loan on our house and then push for enforcing against the house.


This was straight from RBS lawyers at the time. So the trustee gave us a letter for the court which stopped that. But end result was a 5 year protected trust deed.


Before we got to that stage we did attempt to claim for any mis-sold ppi we had with RBS to be told we had none.


Our Total debt to RBS was approx. £15,500... Fast forward a couple of years.


I was discharge form 5 and no PPI was found by the trustee (standard procedure to check).. Funny thing was they found PPI for my wife with RBS .. I was now fully discharge form 6 also. The bank sent a letter to my wife saying they who could only pay out 50% because it was in joint names with someone else... only person that could be is me..


Now as I'm fully discharge and trustee have stated they are not interested in any PPI which is in my name. I asked RBS to recheck using the account number on the Wife letter. Low and behold they have found 4 accounts totalling over £17,000 worth of PPI not including interest dating back to 2004 and 2008 and onwards on car loans, personal loans etc most of it was front loaded onto the loans etc. with the resulting extra interest.

The PPI is enough to have easily cleared the original debt to RBS.


I don't know if they will refund it but that's a different story.. but they did on the wifes 50% as both of us where working and both our employer had sickness policy's in place 6 month full wages then 6 months half wages.

Surely getting told you don't have it when you did must surely be a big no no.


If the point of a PPI reclaim is to put the person back to the position they would have been if the PPI was never sold. Or if they had allowed us to claim on the PPI we would never have been in the Trust deed in the first place.


Now how would you proceed.



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I take it your in Scotland ed-209 ?



We could do with some help from you.



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Yes I live in Scotland.

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