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It appears as though the parts of the London hackney carriages Acts were repealed in 1976 and 2004


When people lined the Mall fo the queens golden jubilee they were advised to use the cry "in pain in pain in pain" before urinating in public so I assumed that the met police who gave this guidance on telly at least though that it would still apply.



The Law Commission don't think so. Do you have a link to it?
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Well ericsbrother the Law Commission say no such legislation has ever existed. There are loads of on online sites where the claim is made and people have asked for details of the specific legislation but no-one has ever been able to provide it. Can you be more specific?


I can't find the story about what the Met police said at the Queen's jubilee either but even if they did it has nothing to do with legislation for urinating taxi drivers (unless for some reason the Mall crowd was entirely made up of cab drivers?).

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OK to add to that there were a number of bylaws for Hackney carriages under the Police Town Causes Act 1847 and earlier legislation that woud have been repealed by legislation between the 1890's and 1970's so more digging required. Now the other side of this coin is that there is no legislation that specifically bans urination in public, just a number of different laws that talk about indecent exposure, behaviour and so forth.



For the sake of the OP's sanity I will reiterate that it is how the act was perceived by the pub landlady that actually counts rather than any custom and even if it were covered by legislation the employer has its reputation to consider and gross misconduct often includes damaging the good name or reputation of the company so grovelling along with the mitigation is order of the day.



now the company can change the job or route of the Op and then tell the landlady that it has all been sorted and cant happen again etc to give her the impression that you have been dismissed without actually saying that. Is there a chance of being given another round? I am aware that you raised the reason at the beginning but you didnt say what else the co had in mnd for you before this incident

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I deliver in that area twice a week and taking me off that route has already happened but I will be put back on if the contract had gone.

This incident is not something I would normally do but I still feel I had no choice at that moment and found the best place to go,


I also feel I have the support of my manager and any drastic action would be on the orders of the directors. Once again I thank all for your input and apologies to those that I bit at,

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