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    • one was missed but it was paid, but because i asked for help they informed me that they would have to put a mark on my credit file, but never stopped taking payments, never gave the refund, and now all these letters and emails, just after advise before i make the call, have had a look through some of the files, but can't seem to find anything other than the guidance to record, i only went to V12 because i was getting nowhere with AO and as its still on credit i was informed to contact V12 who would go to AO   
    • Hi. I would say they're out of time, as you said. Let's see what the guys say.   HB
    • 1 Date of the infringement ● 28th Dec 2019   2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] [scan up BOTHSIDES as ONE PDF- follow the upload guide] ● 20th Jan 2020 (i do not have a scanner)   3 Date received  ●23rd Jan 2020   4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] ●No   5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? ●Yes   6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up ●No   7 Who is the parking company? ●Met parking services   8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Brocklebank retail park,SE7 7SE (London)   For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. ● They state that they are a creditor and i must appeal to them in the first instance, failing that, then i can appeal to POPLA (IAS)   There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, please check HERE ●IAS   If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here ●No, just recieved notice to registered keeper today (23rd January 2020)
    • tv arrived faulty, and kept getting messed around by AO.com then told to contact lg while it was still under warranty, lines were busy was given the option of leaving a message which i did took 10 days for the return call by this time warranty expired, i then contacted AO again who offered to pay half the bill, which i found unacceptable, then tv developed lines down the screen, i would have not been bothered but it was £1500 and expected better than that, it was also not used that often, so i contacted V12 to make a complaint under the consumer credit, then came back saying Ao.com said they had received only a few emails, no mention of all the calls also made where they made this offer, and V12 are in favour of AO, and referred me to the fos, then i have just discovered the other problem with v12 as mentioned above   
    • Hi   Just had a visit from a HCEO over a water debt that went to court and a CCJ was awareded.   Initial debt was £715,45 as of Nov 2019   17th December the debt has risen to £933.20 with Compliance Fee of £90 7 Jan 2020 Debt risen to £1154.50 apparently a visit, but no paperwork was left.   Paperwork left today £1750.94   Not my debt - partners debt   They did not come in.   Initially when I found it was passed to Marstons, I called anglian water asking them to transfer it back and I would settle the balance, they said they couldent.   Do they ever pass it back to the creditor? How long will this take?   Are the fee correct as not had a breakdown.   Suggestions on what to do?  
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CPM PCN - Cut Throat Lane Witham Essex

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Hi all

I have received a PCN through the post,

This is the first time I was aware,


Does CPM have to put a ticket on the windscreen

rather than send the PCN with pictures through the post


This is not an ANPR it was one of their goons checking


Thanks in advanced

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Thank you DX

I will post up a later,


And no it is not a case of the vanishing Ticket

They have taken a photo of the front screen with out it

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then we need to know the dates of the event, when they NTK was issued and when you got it.


Yes they can do this but it is bad news for them as they have failed to mitigate their losses and actions so they wont win a court claim if you look at VCS v Ibbotson unless they have a damned good reason for doing what they dod.


For example a shopkeeper or resident taking the pictures and passing them on may breach the GDPR where it wouldnt have caused problems under the DPA because the snapper wasnt processing the data. The guidance given now is slightly different so the ICO will have to make a decision on the lagality of the collection of the images.


Look up CPM in the ICO database of data processors and see what they say they do (and note if they say they use information from a third party source) You may have them over a barrel if you are lucky

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No Ticket on Windscreen in Photo only front and rear photographed inducing windscreen


23-06-18 alleged offence


Notice to registered keeper dated 03-07-18


Received 06-07-18


UK Car Park Management


Schedule 4 mentioned


Cut Throat Lane Witham Essex

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scan up the NTK...has it pixs

follow upload


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look them up on the ICO website so you can see what they are registered to process as far as data goes.

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