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Dispute re warranty repair.

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About 2 weeks ago I reversed my car out of my drive and gently made contact my opposite neighbours 17 reg Hyundai on the front/left bumper


. She had parked directly across her drive due a skip.

I had a quick look, noticing 2 very minor scuff marks, knocked on her door, explained and asked her to fix it and I would pay for the damage, thinking the bill would be £75 - £100 tops.


Neighbour returns a few days later with an written estimate, not a quote, from a local authorised Hyundai garage for £475.


She explained the car is under warranty and it has to be repaired by them or the warranty would be invalid, going on to say the bumper would have to come off to check for any damage underneath. She flatly refused my idea of getting it repaired from a reputable High street garage.


I asked her to show the Hyundai warranty and she gave me a photo copy - the warranty is 5 years and is transferable from owner to owner.


I phoned the garage who gave her the estimate and he explained they always check under the bumper if damaged due to their 'contract' with Hyundai and would so even if the damage was miniscule, like the minor scuff marks. He was sympathetic to my circumstances but could repair the car without checking the bumper.


I ask the neighbour to get another 2 quotes, and apart from whinging about time and petrol, she got a quote for £550 - not surprisingly, the bumper would have to come off


Everyone knows that authorised garages have hugely inflated prices and do unnecessary work on vehicles but the above really does take the biscuit. I would gladly pay for a High Street repair with their own warranty but I can't see her accepting that.


I have considered going through my insurance as I have an 11 yrs protected No Claims Discount but my premiums would rise.


My policy is due for renewal in a few months so was also thinking about changing to a cheaper company with the bump declared, which would deflect some of the cost. But it is a bitter pill to swallow if I have to fork out at least £475 for 2 very minor scuff marks.


Thoughts anyone?


Thanks in advance.

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While I agree that it is very unfair. However, your responsibility is to put her into the same position that she would have been had the incident never occurred. If it is true that she would lose her warranty et cetera by not having it done at a recommended garage then I'm afraid that this is probably what you would have to do. The whole thing is absurd and everybody is obviously on a money grab – that you at least are saving your no claims bonus – although, strictly speaking you have an obligation to inform your insurer of this incident

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Thanks, Bankfodder. I have informed my insurance company a few days ago.


What makes it worse it that there is a family next door to the neighbour who have 2 vans ( one broken down for about 4 months in front of her house) and 3 or 4 cars. They park outside everyone's house in the vicinity but the problem is the vans block peoples views when they are reversing onto the road, especially is a few feet from a drive. The guy living on my right parks on the footpath, even though he has a drive, to stop them parking outside his. My view was blocked by a van when I had the bump. Grrrr.


Mt thinks there are going to be more accidents in the future. :x

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