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    • Thank you for such a swift and helpful response.   Please can you direct me to a template letter, if such exists, which I may doctor to suit my initial letter of claim to each service provider, in order that I might beat the 29th deadline?
    • The ppi deadline is 29th of August. frankly I don't think it makes any difference if you do it yourself or you use an agency except that if you use an agency then you will pay a lot of money from anything which you recover. my suggestion is that you contact every possible lender you have ever dealt with or bank and write them a letter and claim PPI. even if you are not completely certain that PPI was paid, write the letter and tell them that you believe that PPI was paid and that you want it reclaimed. This should bring you into the 29th of August deadline and then you can start dealing with it in a more careful and methodical way and of course we will be very pleased to help you. make sure you put everything in writing and make sure that you send everything signed for post so that you have a clear record that the claim was delivered before the deadline. if you make any phone calls then make sure that you have first of all read our customer services guide and implemented the advice there but the best thing to do is to get everything off in writing.          
    • Clear as mud...so you are the claimant...the defendant is correct they do not file serve evidence before the trial...normally directions state 14 days before the trial hearing each party simultaneously exchange and file.   The defendant then paid the debt amount but not the court fee or the section 69 interest at 8%.. Did it get to trial ? or is that yet to happen ? 
    • Then be prepared to get your cheque book out.   You will be served with the evidence the prosecution intends to rely on to convict you when you receive notification of court action. This will almost certainly be in the form of a "Single Justice Procedure Notice" (SJPN). They have six months to begin court proceedings and in most areas take all of that. You will be given three options:   1. Plead guilty and have the matter heard by the Single Justice (a hearing which you cannot attend).   2. Plead guilty and opt for a hearing in the normal Magistrates' Court (a hearing which you can attend).   3. Plead Not Guilty.   If, after viewing the evidence, you decide on (1) or (2) you will be sentenced in accordance with the sentencing guidelines. These suggest a fine of half a week's net income (maximum £1,000, reduced by a third for a guilty plea). You will also pay a surcharge of 10% of the fine (Minimum £30 - or £32 if the offence was committed on or after 28th June 2019) and costs of £85. You will also receive 3 penalty points. So you can see that the costs and surcharge will exceed £100 before you consider the fine.   If you choose (3) you will have to rely on either (a) the prosecution being unable to prove its case or (b) successfully rebutting their evidence. The cost of failure here is high. You will obviously lose your one third discount for a guilty plea and the costs will increase to as much as £620.   You can see that you "old fashioned" approach could cost you dearly. But you takes your choice and pays your money  😪  (or hopefully not  😀).
    • I was not aware that mitigation can also apply to actions taken after the event. I have not outlined this to date, I will write another letter stating this given I now use a monthly travel card and would never attempt it again. However, the Court date is in 10 days so I'm not sure I would receive a response in time.. seems to be worth a try though.    Thank you dx100uk. 
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After submitting income and expenditure form, I have a lender asking for 2 months bank statements "to validate the information on the income and expenditure form"


"We would require this information in order to agree a potential reduced repayment plan."


Am I under any obligation to provide this?

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You're asking them to agree to something they don't have to do aren't you? To agree to a reduced payment plan? So they can ask whatever they like can't they? You aren't under an obligation to give it to them, but presumably they aren't under an obligation to agree to the reduced payment plan either


So if you don't give it to them you won't get the reduced payment plan?


What's the problem with giving them copies?


Or am I missing the point somewhere?

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Tell'em too do one!!

You shouldn't have sent that i+e either


What did your letter say?

Is it the one from our library?



please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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tell them what you will pay end of:- and that is it even lower than original for their cheek, they are not a judge to make demands, , you have sent I&E end of, up to them next move! sling their hook on that request statements are personal and not common information to silly office twerk (idiot clerk)


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