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    • this service station is well known for such things and neither the owners nor Esso give a stuff about the abuse by ECP. The signs are rubbish and in the wrong place to read and the terms are nonsense and even witha ll of thet ECP still issue demands that are just plain wrong. I would start by going on to social media and flaming the place and Esso. Now you need to tell your employers that you are handling this and get them to inform ECP of your driver details. Commercial vehicles are in a funny place when it comes to this type of contact law so better off taking the matter on yourself unless your employer is swo enraged they are happy to spend time doing the necessary work themselves. many arent because of the wasted time but if they are wise they can claim their full costs as it is a B2B dispute then and billing ECP for a few thou may make themthink again about sending out demands to commercials in the future
    • question needs answering - do you want to keep the car? one option might be VT here whereby all you'll pay is upto 50% mark but ofcourse you'll have to hand it back. just musing for the minute.   need that comms log unredated to my PM is ok I can redact easy.  
    • Jase Sadly the perfect example of Corbynista head in the sand, its all somebody elses fault not ours attitude that has killed all chances of stopping Johnson and the ERG   I'm not even going to bother pointlessly ripping those feeble excuses apart and just ask:   So what part of Worst result since 1935 / before the second world war / since political dinosaurs roamed Westminster - don't you and Jezebel and the Corbinista student soap box loons get?         Perhaps the one and only thing Cameron got right - For the good of the country - 'For heavens sake man GO!!!' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHIQAnUGhIQ   (link also quite interesting given Corbyns ineffectiveness against anti-semitism, and pitiful general student soap box performance)
    • I got a text message from Royal Mail last Thursday to say they would be delivering a package to me that day. I was out with my wife all day, and got another message later that day to say the package had been delivered to me or a "neighbour". When we arrived home, no card had been left by RM, so my wife checked with all our neighbours to se who it had been left with. But it hadn't been left with any of them.   The text message also had a tracking number, and when I checked the RM tracking site it just said "The system is currently unable to confirm the status of your item with reference WJ915772456GB . Please try again later". 4 days later, it is still showing the same message. And to make matters worse, I have no idea who the package was from, but I am expecting several deliveries.   I have trawled RM's website looking for a number to ring to report this, but every option I select invariably just returns to the original page. CAn any of you suggest a number for me to call to report this? I live in the Belfast area.   Now, an aside to the original problem, I also got a text the same day from the RM number, to say "There is an item waiting to be confirmed by Michael" (ie me), which goes on to impy that I had won a prize in RM's annual Currys prize draw. It includes a website address to go to to claim the prize. Now I'm no dozer, as we say here, and I know its a [problem]. But is it possible the 2 incidents may be linked? The first to give the impression that there was a package for me, the second to imply the package is a prize which I have to visit a website to claim? Its the time of year when almost every household in the country is expecting some sort of package in the run up to Christmas, so would be a fairly easy [problem] to pull. I'm not even impressed by the use of my name an mobile number, as I'm bound to have had these stolen in a security breach at sometime or other.   If there is a genuine package, I know its highly likely that I'll never receive it now. But I need to know where its from so I can let the sender know asap.
    • they cant just change their mind as to what condition was breached, it has to be given on the screen ticket ad the NTK and match one of the conditions on the signage at the time.   If I employed you to cut my grass and you did a rubbish job of that and I decided to sue you for not watering the flowers I cant suddenly change my mind when I realise that is a loser and say that you didnt cut it in a nice stripy pattern when there was no such mention of that condition in the agreement.   GOGW is admissible to show that thier client doesnt really have a contractual claim for the sum at all. they will say they are being generous but the truth is they are abusing the courts to try and coerce you into paying money that isnt actually owed and they know it. half of what they ask for is unlawful under the terms of the POFA but they do like to try it on as it mitigates their costs of the actions they lose
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