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Palm Oil-What Is It -How Does It effect Us-And What Is It Used For.

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Palm Oil-What Is It -How Does It effect Us-And What Is It Used For.

Hi Old Tawnyowl hear reporting from high up in the canopy of a tree today in Lancashire.

Just chilling out.

Another thread coming through.Sometimes i have just got to mention something that is bothering me.

The story began the other day.

There i was seeing what people were saying to each other on my favourite subject Fracking when a video came through.

Completely unconnected.


Now my days seem so busy researching,working,walking the Shoreline that the day seems to have vanished before much is achieved.

Anyway i have not had much time to research this Palm Oil and will admit that i knew nothing about it or really what it was,used for anything.


Back to the video.A lady called Tina Rothery had shared it.Some of you who read the Fracking thread will know who Tina is.

The headline said.

Orangutan fights off a bulldozer to protect its home.

The area was being cleared to plant this Palm Oil Crop.


So i hope others who have researched or know about Palm Oil will tell me and others what it is used for in everyday products.

Perhaps some know perhaps how many areas of land have been destroyed to plant this crop.How many animals have been affected,anything really.

I do not know anything about it as i say even which countries plant it and how.


I realised shortly afterwards that i had encountered this product in a strange way and perhaps a different way to expected.


When young i read so many books on Greek Legends,Robinson Crusoe,Jungle Book books like that.Perhaps made me a bit of a Dreamer.

And the love of the sea has followed me through life.Most of my days or part of my days are spent On The Shoreline hunting for things.

So i pick things up.I usually pick a few plastics,fishing line,nets as well as things i can use.To make things.

I have seen many things including a body or two,perhaps to be expected due to the times i go there.

But also many beautiful things

One of the things i look for is Ambergris,i never really expect to find any.But any possibilities i pick up and look at.Even smell.


Now i have just found out that ships and if wrong someone can correct me.

After delivering the Palm Oil to Ports around England the ships leave to go to their next job.

Once out at sea they as far as i know once more than 12 miles out can flush their tanks.

This is when the Palm Oil enters the sea and like fat if put into water becomes this huge mass of floating stinking mass that can end up on beaches.

After collecting Bacteria that multiplies for as long as it takes to beach.So when dogs etc smell it,taste it makes them ill even kills them.


I now realise i have picked this stuff up myself wondering what this waxy,yellowish substance is many times.

In fact i have seen perhaps one ton or more once in a huge mountain with ten men shovelling it into bags.I asked them what it was and they told me.

I filmed them and took pictures but as usual goodness knows where the footage is.

That at the moment is all i know about it.

Perhaps you know much more.Perhaps you have time to research a little and share what you find.

Please share your knowledge of Palm Oil.As that footage sure has bothered me.And know next to nothing about this product.

Thanks very much.


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I meant to link the footage from where i first saw it.

You can see how people care about this subject by the comments made.

And other footage.So will link.

And also i will research as time goes on and find out much more about Palm Oil.

But welcome anyone's thoughts and experience or knowledge on this subject.

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Well i will start things off.Bear in mind i do not know much about this subject,all new to me.


EU, Indonesia sliding towards a trade war

New European Parliament legislation bans palm oil imports for biofuel use by 2020, a move Jakarta sees as discriminatory and promises to retaliate



Palm oil & biodiversity loss



Which Everyday Products Contain Palm Oil?

You might not cook with it, but you almost certainly eat or use palm oil.


Palm oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet, and it is in about half of all packaged products sold in the supermarket. While palm oil is the most efficient source of vegetable oil, its rapid expansion threatens some of the planet’s most important and sensitive habitats.


Palm oil grows in tropical rainforests, and the uncontrolled clearing of these forests for conventional palm oil plantations has led to widespread loss of these irreplaceable and biodiverse rich forests. Plantations have also been connected to the destruction of habitat of endangered species, including orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos.



Palm Oil: The Hidden Truth Lurking in Your Home.

Something lies unseen in your home, with a big impact on the environment.


Do you know how many of the products you use every day contain palm oil? Some estimate that it is in about half of all packaged products sold in the supermarket, like your shampoo, ice cream, and detergent. It is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet because it’s extremely versatile and cheap to grow.


So why does that matter?Continues on the article.



Well that is a start.Learning process.

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Hi TO.


I don't claim to be fully informed and I don't have full internet access at the moment. But I noticed that food products have started saying that they don't have palm oil.


When I looked it up it seems that harvesting palm oil is bad for orangutans. They are lovely animals, it would be a shame to harm them. I don't think I need palm oil in my life.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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Thanks for your post honeybee13 so nice to hear from you.

Great that food products are saying they do not have Palm Oil.

It does not take long to realise that some nations and communities rely on this income from Palm Oil.

But such devastation.And at what cost further down the line and already to Animals etc.

Once gone that is it.


Someone just asked this question.Or should i say commented.

Two years ago I checked to buy items free of palm oil,gave up as nearly everything contains it.WHY?

This got me thinking.And will look into the alternatives over a little time.

So another article the learning process is underway.


Why does palm oil still dominate the supermarket shelves?

There are few viable alternatives to palm oil. Despite concerns about its sustainability, it is still cost effective and a major income source for developing countries.

A few years old but interesting.



I have also been chatting to a chap who recently quote

took a 10 hour bus ride through Sabah, Borneo, oil palm trees stretched to the horizon in every direction for the duration of the journey! Ecocidal madness.

And Papua New Guinea seems to be heading the same way.I will check that as well.

Hopefully within a little time i may have some footage and maybe some pictures which i am sure would be interesting as i anyway have never seen such a tree or the area where the forests used to be.From Borneo.

And have probably not been seen before.May shock us who have not been aware of what has been happening.

Bye for now.


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A few photos from Paul around Borneo.Thanks for sharing Paul.

A couple of photos showing the cleared forest.In the background you may see what still stands for now.



Oil Farm plantation.


Most of the lowland forest has gone, especially near rivers as it can be transported.


A mature tree in a reserve (Danum valley research station)


A wild orangutan. They don't make eye contact as that is a sign of aggression.


So i have learnt a little more about Palm Oil now.

But am now wondering what these areas may have looked like before.

I do not know why but for some reason cannot view videos here or on my threads.

Could be my phone.

So will link the you tube video Through Facebook showing the Borneo Rainforests. And wonder,what the hell is happening.



Well i have spent far to many hours today on the computer but will be back soon.

I wish you all a good evening .


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Palm oil to please the masses of "civilised" nations.

Soya to please the "healthy" conscious.

Both products come at a very dear price for the planet, but nobody seems to care.

We pay a lot of environmental taxes because of this ghostly global warming, but nobody tries to address the fact that destroying the planet lungs is more damaging than driving a lorry 10 hours a day.

All hypocritical if you ask me.

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palm oil used for soap manufacture but increasingly used in parts of the world for biodiesel.

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I am all for using alternatives to Palm Oil but as far as I know, Palm Oil is easy to produce whereas rapeseed and sunflower oils are a lot more work for less oil quantity. I have seen many programs where Palm Oil plantations have been planted in the habitat of Orang-Utans forcing them to be closer to each other which would bring conflict for territory.




Unfortunately, money talks and the environment takes a back seat. I only use vegetable oil (sunflower oil leaves a funny taste) however, the oils I bought from Asda just says vegetable oil and doesn't list anything that can be related to palm oil

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most vegetable oil sold in the Uk is mixed rape seed, linseed and sunflower oils, the majority being the rape seed.

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