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Help with giving up smoking

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I'm trying to give up smoking, I'm using a vape pen which helps most of the time but at other times I get so stressed I will give in and buy a packet of cigarettes. I'm disabled and housebound and felt that cigarettes were my only enjoyment I had left. I'm really trying hard to give up not only for health reasons but it is so expensive, I'd appreciate any suggestions to help stop me giving into temptation when I get stressed out. :???:

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well done for taking the first step , one of the problems is finding what works for you .


How I did it was I use losegnzes alongside cigarette but gratly reduced and then I found after a few weeks I stopped with the cigerettes and then you try to get off the lozegnes . however sinc eyou are vaping you are still smoking so not gaining anything by vaping .


Have you had a word with your GP or looks for the NHS stop smoking clinic near you I now your housebound but maybe your GP could help


good luck

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Welcome. It's a very tough call.


Difficult to give the magic technique but I expect that one very good idea is to get supportive people around you - and this forum could be a start. If you try and post each day - or more often - I expect that you will attract other people who are in the same boat or who have been in the same boat and will encourage you.


Do you smoke inside your home?


Another support technique might be to start thoroughly washing and cleaning everything to get rid of the smell. Enjoy the freshness and then start to develop a revulsion for the odour if you start to stray.


If you smoke in the garden - the stop doing that. If you have to have a cigarette then smoke in the street. Set these goals and see how that helps.

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I tried with a vape pen and completely failed. I convinced myself I was doing OK by just substituting the odd cigarette with a few puffs on the vape, but was probably still smoking as many ciggies as ever and abandoned the vape within a couple of weeks


That was until my wife resolved to give up with a proper vape - in her case an Arc Mini from Totally Wicked. Cost about £40 with the first bottle of 'juice' and she has not even wanted a cigarette since - and that was many months ago. So impressed was I that I bought the same and since I first used it I am proud to say that I have not touched - or even been tempted to have - a cigarette. Not once in about 5 months have I even missed cigarettes even standing with cigarette smokers outside work the smell doesn't bother me. Probably use about 2 bottles of liquid a week and instead of the £4.99 Totally Wicked ones I now tend to get some funky flavoured ones from Poundland or other shops


OK I am still smoking (vaping) but spending less than 5% of what I was and I am only taking in the Nicotine and not the nasty stuff. If you are going to do it that way, it has to be all or nothing - don't even try to cut down the cigarettes and substitute with a vape. It won't work!

Any advice given is done so on the assumption that recipients will also take professional advice where appropriate.






If I have been helpful in any way - please feel free to click on the STAR to the left!


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I used to smoke 60 a day, then had a heart attack, followed by a quad bypass. Stopped smoking because I needed to. Then started again. Wife also smoked and she was in need of having stents in her legs to improve circulation. We both tried to stop & failed then took the plunge and saw a hypnotist - cost £260 each - but at the time that was equivalent to a months fags. Upside is I've never smoked since but wife still does. Downside is I've never been away from the doctors with various ailments & have piled the weight on but a lot of that is medication related. Do I feel better for it - overall yes.

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Guest Allen Baldreich

It is indeed a positive step that you have taken, understanding and accepting the fact that you need to address the issue of smoking. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and in order to get a full detox, you need to consult de-addiction and rehab centres that specialize in the same.


Many require CBT or cognitive behaviour therapy that helps people analyze the root of all addiction. I think its high time government took measures in cutting down the tobacco import and production of tobacco-based products.


According to latest studies , lung cancer is the deadliest of all cancers, claiming 154,050 American lives in 2016 alone and men who smoke are 23 times more likely to develop lung cancer than those who don’t smoke.

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I failed many times.

I enjoy smoking and that's the main problem for me.

However I found myself struggling in a pub brawl recently, I was gasping for air.

Well, got to accept that oep target is within reach and maybe I got to start looking after myself if I still want to have fun.

Good luck and let us know how you quit, so I can try once again.

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I smoked for almost 40 years and have wanted to give up for a long time


Ive tried in the past and piled the weight on until i started again


4 months ago i bougth a good proper vape and have not had a cigarette since, I now even make my own juice, all the stuff cost me about £70 but now i have enough to last me at least 2 years, So the cost is tiny


Best of it is that in the 4 months i have not had a cigarette, I have put no weight on at all, And i feel so much better, My breathing is way better


And the black jack flavoured juice that i use tastes better than any ciggy that i ever smoked

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I gave up smoking by vaping six years ago and the one thing I would tell people who want to try that method is to invest in good kit. It does seem an expensive outlay but it really is worth it. Vaping makes it easier - not easy.

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Guest marshallbrown

Cold Turkey is the best way to quit, I quit smoking this way, I used to smoke 20 to 30 cigarettes daily but then I quit due to health reasons and now I am much better than before. I suggest you to quit cold turkey and try to quit when you don't have any work to do just concentrate on yourself for 4 to 5 days after that you will start feeling better.

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Please fill in your quit date here

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