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    • I'm afraid this is completely out of my experience but I seem to recollect that a publican has a right to bar whosoever they please from their pub and I suppose that the only grounds for challenging that might be that the ban had been applied in a discriminatory way. On the basis of what you say here, none of it seems to have been discriminatory – and even the rather unkind refusal to let you go to the loo – does not appear to have been motivated by any intent to discriminate – simply to prevent somebody who was banned from entering the premises. It wouldn't surprise me if they were entitled to do so. The fact that the public and then allow you to use the loo seems to me – not to have been prompted by kindness – but rather to avoid scandal. If you have bought a small claim then as long as you litigate reasonably, the small claims rules relating to costs apply and it is unlikely that a judge would be moved to apply discretion to waive those rules. Maybe it would be a good idea if you put up the claim form here in PDF format – and also a defence. I would also be interested to see a PDF copy of the solicitor's letter – which on the basis of what you say may well be abusive and that they are threatening you with costs when they know full well that in the usual run of things, costs would not apply in the circumstances. However, you say that you have sued him in the Small Claims Court – but has actually been allocated to the small claims track? What precisely have you relied upon as your cause of action – and does that cause action fall within the small claims rules? Also, how much have you claimed for – and in compensation for what kind of damage? You would most normally have to demonstrate some actual incalculable loss – calculable in money terms – in order to bring an action.
    • Success! I couldn't find any evidence of any parking restrictions so emailed Starbucks direct.   In the email mentioned details as recommended above.   They then sent the query onto EuroGarages who run the site. They got in contact with me and asked to send a copy of the notice. They have just confirmed:   All our sites are operated with a parking system which helps control issues such as people leaving vehicles for prolonged times or camping out in the car park. Unfortunately, this ends up affecting genuine paying customers like yourself which is why we have a system in place in each store.   For future visits, if you are going to stay over the time limit which is displayed in the car park, just let our staff on site know and they can note your car registration down. This way you avoid any parking fines.   I have appealed the fine on your behalf and managed to successfully get it cancelled. If there is anything else I can help with please let me know.     So thank you for everyone's help with this, much appreciated. 
    • Did you make this contract at the car showroom or have you done it remotely simply by text in relation to an advertisement?  
    • Don't you mean that without an elected Labour Party (the one I voted for and paid into over decades, that same one that you did NOT vote for or support) there would be no NHS   and looking forward at an ineffective, MP deselecting, head in sand,  unelectable Corbynite labour, we can see Johnson in power for years to come ..
    • The hearing is tomorrow, I didn’t get chance to post anything off to the solicitors or the court can I just turn up with the correct paperwork and a letter from my CPN nurse explaining my circumstances ? 
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Extremely old.mortgage debt Halifax and Moorcroft

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I (and my now ex-husband) had a house repossessed back in 1998.

There was negative equity of around 25k.


I made a full and final settlement offer of 2.5k which was accepted in July 1999.

It was paid and I had a letter confirming the debt was settled.

I cannot find this letter.


19 years later with no contact from them whatsoever, both Halifax and Moorcroft write me letters.

Moorcroft have asked me to pay 18k.


Am I right in thinking that as no contact has been made for more than 12 years, that I do not have to pay?

As iy was full and final anyway, surely yhay counts for something?


Would Halifax have records which would have a copy of correspondence from back then?

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seems like Halifax are wasting money on a very old portfolio of these using a powerless dca that have zero powers


very safe to ignore


please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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