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Solicitor Ignores Complaint and now Sent Letter Before action

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Hi All,


I hope you can help with this.


I instructed a firm of Solicitors to help with some issues I had.


To begin with all was fine. I had them in the background and was instructing as and when needed.


Then they started doing things without instructions.


The final straw came when I asked for a one hour consultation, I received a vague email and an hour bill for it.


I asked to complain via phone and was told to put it in writing. All complaints ignored.


I have now received via email to my work email address a letter before action.


I am about to go to the legal ombudsman.


My questions are this.


1) Can they sue me?

2) Should I pay Bill is £1500+VAT. I could possibly pay but it would create hardship.

3) Should I do anything else.


Thanks in advance.

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If you feel that you have an issue with these people then certainly you should be approaching the ombudsman. At the very least that should put things on hold until you are in a better position to sort it out.


Send the solicitors a letter registering a formal complaint and tell them that if they cannot sort it out then you want to go to the ombudsman.


However, you need to be very careful. These people have all the resources and they are relentless. In terms of being able to avoid or reduce the bill because of your hardship, – I doubt it.


I think maybe you should start explaining here exactly what has happened because your story so far is very vague. However, begin the complaint.


Additionally, I gather that you have some legal problem you are trying to deal with and in respect of which you decided to go to see a solicitor. You might like to start a new thread and tell us about that as well.

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Did you sign a Client Service Agreement? If so, what does it say about the complaints procedure?


You were asked to put it in writing, so did you? Did they send anything - e.g. an acknowledgment of your complaint letter and a timescale for them to provide a full response?


Your post is a little vague - What is the nature of the issues? Was this matter in litigation or pre-issue? What did they do without instructions? What was the purpose of the consultation? Did the consultation take place? What was the breakdown of the £1.5k bill?


The answer to your questions:


1) Can they sue me? - Yes, whether they should do or not is another question...

2) Should I pay Bill is £1500+VAT. I could possibly pay but it would create hardship. - it is hard to say, but you don't seem to think the bill is justified...

3) Should I do anything else. - not sure - the legal ombudsman is the correct course of action if your complains are being ignored.

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So you didn't get your consultation...just an email response and billed for it ?

We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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I was after legal advice in the background.

I would use them as required to send letter etc and give advice.


This worked well for a few months.

Then they started to do work and provide opinions without instructions.


I needed to submit a claim to the High Court.

They wanted £3500K to do this plus court costs.


When I asked for a consultation they then sent an email charged one hour for it and according to another solicitor I used to help me was inaccurate.


The claim is a probate claim and I wanted expert help in the background.


They have totally ignored my complaints letters.


They sent the letter before action via email to a work email address where I no longer work.


If I owed the money I would pay it.


The reason I was working the way I was, was not to run up a huge legal bill.

I believe this work was done without instructions.


Yes I did sign a client service agreement and it saya that I can complain both orally and in writing.


Can they take legal action before completing the complaints process?

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