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Signing form about welfare

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I work for a local authority.


We have a new manager at work. We have now started one to ones. As part of the process there is a form that is used that he has introduced. on the first line on the form is a question which asks how is your well-being? How are you feeling?


We state the answer to this and type up the form. The form is signed by the employee and manager and then scanned and emailed to the manager. The manager states that the form is a chance for both parties to discuss, but we type up the comments- and he has to sign to agree.


I can see that it provides an opportunity to state any issues you may have and they are recorded however it does not sit comfortable with me as some people may be feeling overworked,Stressed or have personal issues that they do not wish to state - some people will just state that they are fine- as it may seem to be that they are not coping otherwise. I see no reason for not having the opportunity to discuss issues with the manager but it’s the signing of the document by both parties as a record.


This procedure has been implemented by him to our section only. As far as I am aware, No one else is being asked to do this so it looks like it’s something he has implemented himself.


Signing a form to state how I feel is not something I have had to do before. For the people who just want to say everything is fine when maybe it’s not, could it be used against them in the future. I think he’s a bully and is it more of a purpose for himself as evidence in case any allegations made against him-


Is this normal practice? And is something that should be agreed with HR.


I would be interested to read any comments.



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If he has implemented it for his own section then I wouldn't sign anything.

He is acting alone and without authority

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thanks for your reply

- A family member stated that it sounds like something that would have to be agreed through HR before being implemented.


My family member told me not to sign it

- there’s nothing that I have to hide by the way

- I suppose I could speak to HR but would prefer anonymity

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HR have to treat your enquiry as confidential. Just mark the email or letter as such.

If HR has passed a recommendation like this then why hasn't every section had the same letter?


HR do have a responsibility to impliment safe working environments and that does include mental health and stress levels, but why only your section?

This raises red flags to me.

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Thank you for your replies.

- your sentiment is the same as my families

- this is someone implementing their own procedures for managing well-being without authority from HR.


I do not think that HR would concur with this approach unless that is I’m out of date with how things are done

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HR do not have to treat your enquiry as confidential. Go careful! I think union intervention would be more helpful

Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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HR do not have to treat your enquiry as confidential. Go careful! I think union intervention would be more helpful




Thank you for your advice

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HR will say that they are there to advise management on HR matters,

they theoretically dont create problems nor tell managers how to manage.


If your manager creates a propblem then their manager will be responsible for clearing it up once things go pear shaped.


HR may well advise the manager's manager but what you wont get is direct intervention. A


s suggested, get your union involved and the whole scheme may just wither and die

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From the perspective of a local authority

- I work with a large number of them

- I'm amazed this isn't actually normal practice for you!


The records that you are describing,

signed by both parties to a 121, are commonplace.


I would agree with Emmzzi

- speak to your union first and tread carefully,

because if this is not normal practice,

you might find that when HR see it,

it becomes normal practice!


And, to be fair,

I'm going to disagree with you.


If someone is overworked,

stressed or has problems that they want the employer to support or act on,

then this is EXACTLY what should be done to safeguard the employees well being.


If employees are unwilling to say anything,

then they cannot later expect the employer to have known about and acted upon such things.


All too often sites like this are littered with "my boss has been bullying me for 15 years and I have no proof".


I think that you are confusing things.

If your manager is a bully

- really a bully,

as opposed to doing things differently and you just don't like it

- then the bullying is the issue you should be reporting,

not the fact that they are using a form that,

in most other workplaces of this type would be considered good practice!


Without knowing the specific authority,

it's a guess as to their reaction - but honestly,

I'd expect them to consider YOU the problem rather than the manager if you are complaining about your manager caring about your well being.


And that is what it will look like!


As suggested previously,

tread carefully.


Speak to the union.

And consider very carefully whether there really is an issue of bullying here.


If there is, then you need to tackle that.

Not the form.


form or no form,

signed or not,

if you don't,

there is no bullying.


You don't get to say nothing for months/ years and then be taken seriously.

And I'm telling you that from the perspective of all too often having such claims dismissed precisely because nobody, but nobody, ever said a thing....

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Thank you for your comments. Good to get a mix of opinions.

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