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    • Thank you. Can you tell us who replaced the rear brakes in June 2019? Who paid for it? One slight problem here is that the amount of money you are dealing with is in excess of £10,000. £10,000 is the County Court small claims limit. When you bring a small claim – less than £10,000 – then even if you lose, you won't have to pay the costs of the other party. Over £10,000 and you will have to pay if you lose. On the basis of what you say here, you have absolutely no chance of losing but on the other hand the fact that you would have to bring the claim on the fast track brings comfort to the other side and they are more likely to employ tactics to intimidate you with the spectre of costs hanging over you in the event that you lose. This is something to take into consideration. You have two choices. One would be to consider claiming for the refund of the entire price plus any ancillary losses. The second would be to claim for repairs. On the basis that repairs will be considerably less than £10,000 I think that I would suggest you go for that. This means that you need to get the car thoroughly examined and get a quote for repairs and generally speaking putting into a proper roadworthy condition. In fact you would need two independent quotations. You would then, with our help, enter the pre-action protocol which would essentially threaten the dealer and also the finance company with 14 days to sort it out or else you will bring a court action and without any further notice. You would only make this threat if you decided to go ahead with it. It's not worth bluffing. Both the dealer and the finance company will probably use all sorts of tactics to delay and to prevaricate. You must not allow yourself to get dragged into any kind of protracted discussion. You make the threat. 14 days. Day 15 – you send them the good news. Once they have the court papers they will then start to realise that you are serious. The finance company will put pressure on the dealer and someone or other will put their hands up. It's up to you if you want to get involved in this kind of action. If not then I think you're going to have a hard slog
    • Ok trying to move this forward. just got a statement with £260 agents fees added even though they have no collected the car! Am I right in thinking this is illegal?   Moving forward is it best for me to submit an N244 with the court to try and stop them taking the car and for these unlawful fees? Could somebody advise what it is I’m asking the court to do as I don’t want extra time to pay as the account is up to date but I don’t want them taking the vehicle because I’m refusing to pay these agents fees!   could really do with some help  
    • The dealer is MK autos ltd in Milton Keynes.   We know the car was serviced by bmw once, as we called to ask but about 2 years ago.  The car was brought for £10,995 but with finance cost total will be £22,000.. Eye watering amount but again we was pushed into a corner. I needed a car my mum has terminal lung cancer and I do all the hospital appointments. We thought that we would be safe for a while at least.   Again I forgot to mention that although the car had a "service" the rear brakes went and were replaced on the 15th June 2019..   We have paid so far in total £2260 in 6 months.   I am prepared to fight this!!  
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STL heating - Incorrect Boiler Installation

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Good Morning Caggers


I got STL Heating to install a New Intergas Boiler for me.

The initial Installation was fraught with issues, but they corrected the mistakes I pointed out to them.

However, the system has not worked properly for the 2 months since installation.



After no HOT Water again, I had to pay £145 for a gas engineer to come out to tell me that their installation was incorrect with several issues.

I got this on a finance package with them through HITACHI, however, STL aren't taking my calls.


What level of recourse do I have as the local Gas Engineer says the boiler works, but by STL Heatings own admission on the sign off paper, it highlights an installation. The cost to fix is circa £1000.

Many Thanks

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Hitachi are joinly and severally liable so let them know that the installation was rubbish and as that was part of the purchase/finance package you hold them liable.

It would help however, to know more about what it is you bought and who from if not STL and how much you paid and then what works and what doesnt as I cannot see any fault on a boiler install costing £1k to put right as my boiler cost about that to install in total including all new gas supply and a lot of repositioning of pipes.

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Good Morning



I paid £2400 to fit a Standard Intergas OV30 System Boiler, fit 4 x Thermostatic Radiator Valves, Magnaclean filter, New 1600x600 Radiator and Balance the system. The agreement was with STL Heating in Liverpool, the finance with Hitachi attached to STL Heating.



The issues are;


1/ Insecure Flue. It needs to be screwed not a push Fit.

2/ Not enough TRV's added. 3 more need adding and 1 removed from the Hallway where the Thermostat is.

3/ Outflow temp is 76 deg, Inflow Temp is 70 Deg. This was signed off by the STL Heating Engineer. Return feed needs to be sub 55 Deg so the Condensing Boiler can actually condense.

4/ Addition of final TRV's will allow the system to balance. Balancing of the system was never done and could not be without the additional TRV's being added.

5/ 3 way valve Broken. (Not picked up on the installation). Replace valve and controller

6/ Re-add Central heating inhibitor.

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That's not 1k of work.

Flue? Screw to where?

Its attached to the boiler, pushed thru the wall and sealed.

3 TRV valves are around 15 quid each.

2mins to fit

Fixing 2 would more than likely solve 4

Which 3way valve?

Inhibitor is around 10-15 quid



Why does the return temp need to be 55 degrees to condense?

Tho is not what is condensed. It is the exhaust gasses that are condensed to recover latent heat.


One of the hot gases produced in the combustion process is water vapour (steam), which arises from burning the hydrogen content of the fuel. A condensing boiler extracts additional heat from the waste gases by condensing this water vapour to liquid water

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Good afternoon SGTBush


Any chance you can come and sort it our for me? :-D


All understood. Do you think a good plumber could do the work for me instead of paying £300 per day for 2 days + all the parts and balancing the system?


The Corgi gas engineer told me all of the above issues.


The 3 way valve is in the airing cupboard next to the Hot water Cylinder.

It is used for splitting the flow between hot water to the tank and the Central heating system.


Regarding the temperatures flow of the output/input 76 Deg - 70 Deg, is this as it should be?


Many Thanks for your very detailed explanation.

I am fed up with having no hot water and looking at another hefty bill.

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I do know a good plumber but rules forbids me. Plus I dont know where u live.

A 3 way valve costs around 80 quid.

A good plumber would take around a day to fit all this.

£300 for a skilled gas safe plumber and his obbo, about right.

Skilled labour aint cheap but cheap labour ain't skilled.

Get friends recommendations for a decent trades person

Your looking at around 150 fora 3way valve and3 trv's

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Many Thanks for your response. I will sort out a good Gas Registered engineer and get them to do it. The Guy on Sunday said it would take 2 days to sort out. If it can be done in 1 day then the cost reduces dramatically.



Do you think that the 30Kw Boiler for the house was too big and can does the return temp need to be reduced? It is a 4 Bed Detached with 12 Rooms in total, and 13 Rads. 185m2 (2100ft2)



Many Thanks for your help.

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30kw boiler is right for the amount of radiators

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get hitachi onboard



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