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Thanks. Hopefully nothing will happen!

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there is NO hopefully about it!!!!!!


on a secondary note


unless you are doing things when not logged in

you've not even bothered to read ONE other RLP thread in this forum in 2 days of endless worry...




you are a teacher....teach yourself!!!!!!!




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So the police will have what happened In their database even tho they’ were not called in?


No they will not! I just added mention of it for completeness as 'additional information' had been refered to by an earlier poster.

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Ethel Street has given you a more comprehensive reply that I ever could regarding checks. The database may exists but, as has been mentioned:


1 It is an 'Alleged' as in there has been no court action to prove that this is more than an allegation. Allegations are not proof!


2 This database (if it actually exists) can only be accessed with your permission and as it has nothing to do with the legal system, no employer would use it if they're sensible.


3 The same database IS NOT linked in any way to the police system so any search on their system would show nothing. The employer needing a DBS check can only go to the police and NOT to RLP.


4 Apart from the silly letters which you MUST read in the knowledge that RLP can do nothing to you, will then become less threatening.


5 The same applies to any tame debt collector (DCA) who have even less power than RLP.


6 ONLY Primark can take court action, nobody else. Primark don't bother as it would be like throwing £200 at a case with the hope of getting something back. In other words-they don't bother as it isn't a cost effective way to deal with store theft.



At one stage, RLP put up all the cases that were won. I haven't seen anything about them on the new site. The reason being the aforementioned court case in 2012 where a certain retailer lost...badly! Since that time, no other case has seen the inside of a court room.


If you feel you have to pay a penance, give something to charity or give CAG a donation. One thing that hasn't been discussed is why you did it? Most of the cases of first timers have had some kind of emotional issue and shoplifting gives them a short term 'high' which soon dissipates leading to depression. If you recognise any of this in you, it may be worth seeing your GP as he/she has seen this many times before.


Until then, read the letters then file them away in the 'Ignore' file.

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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they cant.

Let us assume that they wished to - what are the police going to do with it?

they arent going to add it to their database as they have no evidential trail and for all they know it is no more than a malicious report designed to cause trouble, just like thos people who phone the fire brigagde and report non-existent fires.


In that situation does the owner of the property that is allegedly a flame get into bother?

No the miscreant reporter does and that is what would happen if jackies outfit spent their time sending taradiddles to the police all day every day.


Now, i have marked your homework and give you a mere 2/10. Really must try harder ro research things and use original sources

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