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Universal jobmatch website to be replaced by Find a job service

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Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but just been on the Universal Job match website and saw this :


Universal Jobmatch will be replaced by the Find a job service on 14 May 2018.


Important: If you have an existing Universal Jobmatch account it will not move to the new service.


Save any information you want to keep, like your CV, cover letters and application history by 17 June 2018.

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A Simpler, More Modern Way of Jobseeking


The tool will continue to provide jobseekers with the ability to search for work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jobseekers will be able to create an account to which they can upload CVs, create relevant email alerts and view their previous account activity. Changes to the user registration process will see a simpler, more modern way of accessing and managing job seeker accounts.






I wonder what they who they are referring to in bold..very little I can find at the moment about the actual service hope it is GDPA ready lol

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Well i absolutely hate the current site and think this is long overdue. Its the possibly the worst recruitment site on the net. Compared to others it looks ancient. I look forward to the new one.


Oh, and just incase you read OP wrong. This is not an update to the current UJM site just to make "improvements". Its a totally different and brand new site, with the current UJM site being discontinued on 17th June,, which is why on May 14th you will need to open another account on the new Find A Job Service.


From the 17/06 you will no longer be able to login into your current UJM account so make sure you get all details etc before then, but im sure JCP/DWP will be in touch to let us know all this before then.

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The official press release about the new site: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-find-a-job-service-to-support-thousands-of-jobseekers-into-work


Borrowing from the site trebormoinet provided a link to, the warning is just as relevant:


This site although glaringly a fake might not be so far from the truth as you may think.


Be careful who you trust with your personal data.





No... you can't eat my brain just yet. I need it a little while longer.

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UJM was developed with Monster.

I suspect the new find a job site will at some stage be part of the Universal Credit requirements and be linked to UC accounts in some way.


It will be interesting to see how this progresses, given the number of job centres that are being closed around the country.

Will it get to the stage where the computer says 'NO', when a required number of job searches and job applications have not been made ?


I could see this happening at some stage, because the recent UC documents released by Government stated a saving of 10,500 DWP jobs by an unknown date. This seems to assume a lot of automated computer processes and other ways of handling claimants.

We could do with some help from you.



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What is curios is the fact that Universal has been dropped from name.


One would think they would want Universal to be associated with all things related to the new benefits.


It costs between £250K - £2 million per month to run find a job service depending on the amount of Jobs that are advertised and activity but will only provide the same service as most established job portals already out there and will only show jobs are that already advertised elsewhere


If there is any pressure or forced commitment for job seekers to sign up to that site then its value to recruiters will be minimal.


I have been told many times by recruiters the applications from UJM went straight to the bottom of the pile as they suspected most were from claimants filling there quota for the DWP and not serious applications.

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I have also seen about universal jobmatch changing to find a job service

I do hope that this new find job service is better than universal jobmatch as I found universal jobmatch was just like most jobsearch sites


rubbish for jobs because I would like many others click on a job I am interested in because it is said to be located in Sittingbourne and when you read the details of the job I would say the this job is located in I village on the outskirts of Sittingbourne miles a way from a railway station or bus route


meaning if you do not drive the job is not worth applying for as you would need to drive to get to the job and if you were able to get there by public transport by the time you have travelled to work, worked and travelled home you would get home few hardly any sleep


you try your very best to explain this to dwp staff and they think you are making it up to just get out of work to continue claiming benefits.

also when you say to dwp staff that public transport in your area is not a very good service they think you are making that up as well.

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Universal Jobmatch is outdated and broken always has been.


Introducing a new job search amongst the plethora of job search sites that already exist does not make sense, all they can do is replicate the majority of jobs that exist elsewhere.


And if like UJM this new find a job service is forced upon the unworthy then it will be seen much the same way UJM was by the vast majority of recruiters as the bottom of the barrel when it comes to selecting candidates.


As far as recruiters are concerned the majority of applications from UJM are from folk fulfilling their quota for the DWP and not serious applications, find a job will suffer the same fate if it is forced upon claimants.

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Afternoon All., Several very important points already valid on this subject..,




1) 'Louise2012'., Likely discovered the change message., near same time I did, yet for this to be a fully compatible service for majority of 'Jobseekers'., who (in 2013), were legally compelled to register with 'UJM' , there was never any mention that the 'WoeFUL' site was created by 'Monster' ., which while there could be 'efficiencies' to such a sub-contract., does make for a very 'Distasteful-Implication', of significant bias upon the website.


My adviser in branch informed me at the time, it was internally linked to 'National Careers Service'., (No mention of any business links), so someone was clearly being very economical with information.


2) The basic 'UJM' website., had structural problems from the start as it was required to have capacity for the entire 'Employable JSA Claimants' roster each year., in addition to those who speculatively joined to research from other 'Benefits'.


Resulted, in a minimized data efficient design, which beyond the ability to store multiple CV's for vacancy allocation was comparatively out of date, considering websites like 'CV-Library / TotalJobs'., had better structures for user interface prior to 2010.


3) Feedback Survey's.., either an internal notification within your 'UJM' account or those :evil: little intrusive *PoP-UPs!!


Their system, had no way to inform anyone of any route to *Cancel them, or be perpetually thinking your account had been *Hacked. Marketing via *PoP-UPs., should've been eliminated from their 'UJM' construction even before it went 'Live'., They had already been 'regarded', on most forum's as being the quickest and most invasive security risk for personal data before 2013.


4) Efforts to Improve Feedback - Inevitable., really. The basic site being so.., borderline crap, they keep asking for your user advice to improve it. Okay., I've a small background in CPU knowledge, but it really doesn't match what current 'C++' & 'SQL', programmers understanding of what., could or not be 'ReCoded'. So., for the 'Non-Technical', IT deficient who make up the majority of their 'Client's., database., it would only *frustrate and distract.


Before a month went by., Yes., I tried a few basic suggestions., Got a standard 'Acceptance', message.., then.., 'Nothing'.


Don't even know if the 'Administrators' even considered making 'ANY'., improvements to their website. Most, likely considered 'Unnecessary'., as the DWP likely had base-rates applied, so the genuine 'JobSeekers', are left to wallow in the mire, or double up their efforts upon 'Alternatives'.


5) The new 'FinD' website - Okay., I've come to terms with the limitations of the 'UJM' circa 2015-2018, found a few ways around issues., now we've got to have a change. Right., facing the obvious question., almost certain there's a rainbow over some 'Programmer/Developers' pot, somewhere now. Difficulty question = Will it be significantly better !?


It's a tricky assessment to make., as all 'clients', have been told to prepare for this change with only '6 weeks' notice period.,

Surely this is an area of pre-planning that the DWP, had on their projects rota back in mid-2017!?


There's also the 'DeBuG' phase to go through, YET! , When *Operational., they are leaving 'UJM', online for a good length of time afterwards, as a 'BackUP'., *Hmmm


Necessity., For sure!., But remember.., All JSA *claimants are 'Legally REQUIrED'., to complete the 'UJM'., Think about it., unless an advisory decree is issued,


We're 'ALL', going to need to complete 'BOTH'., for several months.

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People need to learn some "crap detection skills"... (maybe this is why they don't teach any critical thinking skills in schools any more)


I did a check on Adzuna - the guy who runs it (funny enough, all media references are to the "co-founder", not this 'other guy') has started up some 35 companies in the last three decades, 6 or so in the last two years... and some get left to go bust (probably tax sinks) while others just sit there gathering our tax-payer money in grants and "start-ups".

The guy is a telephone sanitiser (5 points if you get the reference), a total waste of good oxygen.


Adzuna and this 'other guy' scream [problem]... yet this is the useless waste of oxygen we are supposed to sign on with and use?


Adzuna itself is useless - even worse (I'd never have thought it possible) that the Universal JobMath site was! (and that was rubbish!)


I'm going to open a new email account just for Find-a-Job... just to see how far these [problem]sters sell my email address on. You just know they will gather the few million job seeker emails and on-sell them.

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The government has to have it's own job site as part of EURES.


The new one will not have access for DWP staff, which I thought was a good thing as most users of Universal Job Match moaned about privacy. They have now done as asked and they still cannot win.


As always with government spending, it's probably the lowest bid wins.

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adding to my last message I put on here earlier another you cannot do on the new find a job service is record job search activity from other websites.


you cannot find jobs in your local area on this website and is run by azduna which is not a very good website either.


I have just created my account and found the new find a job service is worse than the old universal jobmatch.


this new service does not give jobs to apply for when you put your local town in the location box you have got through a long process which is select south east England and then kent on the left hand side of the screen I know this website was launched today,


I do hope the over the coming week and months this website improves and becomes a better website.

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Hello Pgray and welcome to CAG.


Looks like you're one of the first to take the plunge and sign up to this new job seeking site.


You have already pointed out some of the negative issues you found with using the site


Did you find any positives yet?


When creating your account, did you have to also register on 'GOV.UK Verify' or 'ValueMyCV'?

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I have also registered for the find a job website and if you view a job and go into your account it logs what jobs you have applied and viewed too.


It only gives you 24 hours to verify your email address too as you have to sign up again if the link has expired.

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one of the positives is that you no longer have distance from because you can select the areas you want look for on the location bar on the left of the page and dwp staff only get to look at your find a job if you let them as it is not compulsory because only employees and employers are allowed access to the new website and you get job alerts sent to you email address.

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