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    • Good evening all. With your help I've defeated 3 parking charge notices, I now need your help once again. My daughter has a company car which she  lent to my son while she was on holiday. He is insured and fully entitled to use this vehicle. He is very careful over parking tickets as he has been the victim of a wrongfully issued ticket in the past. Anyway, on the 28th of April he left the car in the St.Marks car park in Wrexham. This is controlled by ANPR cameras. On his return to the car park, he entered the registration number of the car and the machine said 50p owed.. This was paid with a debit card so it's on his bank statement. Parking Eye are now saying that he has paid an insufficient fee and have refused the appeal ( unsurprisingly ). They have enclosed a POPLA code, so this will be the next port of call as we are still within the timeframes. Your thoughts so far would be appreciated. Thanks.
    • Hi just received this from the bottom feeders, I know I have to acknowledge within 14 days.  Its from 2015 so cant find the paperwork for it, but will look.   Parking on private development whilst visiting a friend, not displaying Permit, looked at my friends contract with private landlord, nothing in it about parking.   Are the Particulars of claim sufficient?   Thanks for any advice. VCS CLAIM21 JUNE 2019 F0QZ9V92 EDIT.pdf
    • Thank you. Can you tell us who replaced the rear brakes in June 2019? Who paid for it? One slight problem here is that the amount of money you are dealing with is in excess of £10,000. £10,000 is the County Court small claims limit. When you bring a small claim – less than £10,000 – then even if you lose, you won't have to pay the costs of the other party. Over £10,000 and you will have to pay if you lose. On the basis of what you say here, you have absolutely no chance of losing but on the other hand the fact that you would have to bring the claim on the fast track brings comfort to the other side and they are more likely to employ tactics to intimidate you with the spectre of costs hanging over you in the event that you lose. This is something to take into consideration. You have two choices. One would be to consider claiming for the refund of the entire price plus any ancillary losses. The second would be to claim for repairs. On the basis that repairs will be considerably less than £10,000 I think that I would suggest you go for that. This means that you need to get the car thoroughly examined and get a quote for repairs and generally speaking putting into a proper roadworthy condition. In fact you would need two independent quotations. You would then, with our help, enter the pre-action protocol which would essentially threaten the dealer and also the finance company with 14 days to sort it out or else you will bring a court action and without any further notice. You would only make this threat if you decided to go ahead with it. It's not worth bluffing. Both the dealer and the finance company will probably use all sorts of tactics to delay and to prevaricate. You must not allow yourself to get dragged into any kind of protracted discussion. You make the threat. 14 days. Day 15 – you send them the good news. Once they have the court papers they will then start to realise that you are serious. The finance company will put pressure on the dealer and someone or other will put their hands up. It's up to you if you want to get involved in this kind of action. If not then I think you're going to have a hard slog
    • Ok trying to move this forward. just got a statement with £260 agents fees added even though they have no collected the car! Am I right in thinking this is illegal?   Moving forward is it best for me to submit an N244 with the court to try and stop them taking the car and for these unlawful fees? Could somebody advise what it is I’m asking the court to do as I don’t want extra time to pay as the account is up to date but I don’t want them taking the vehicle because I’m refusing to pay these agents fees!   could really do with some help  
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DVLA Fine for Unlicensed Vehicle I had sold.

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Hi there.


I have recently had a letter from the HM Courts Historic Debt team about a fine in 2014 that was for £930!!!!


I called the Magistrates court today about this having read about statutory declarations etc and found out a bit more about the case.


The offence was that i had used a car on the 16th September 2013 without tax on the A5 through milton keynes.


I bought the car in November 2011 and sold it in April 2012, shortly before moving to a new house.


Luckily I have a photocopy of the receipt myself and the buyer signed when she took the car, so I am confident that in the case of driving the unlicensed vehicle I have proof it was not mine.


However my concern is that will the DVLA automatically come at me with a failure to notify charge.

I have been involved in assisting a friend with one of these charges a long time ago and am aware that I fulfilled my obligations under the interpretations act 1978 by posting this. Can they do that there and then at court, enter a new charge, or would they need to separately summons me for that.


Likewise should i prepare a defence for that possible charge anyway or should I ignore that as even being an issue until it is mentioned.


I am preparing a covering letter to the DVLA/Court explaining the above (that I had sold the car, and sent off the V5 before moving out of the rented property, and I had never heard any more on this until Saturday when the letter dropped through my letterbox from the Historic Debt team.


All advice would be appreciated :) Thankyou

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