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An assessor came to price up damage to our house which was covered by insurance, they listed the work that would need carrying out and informed us that during the works food allowance would be £10 oer day per person.


The work was pretty extensive and left us without electricity through a large part of the house including lighting. The ceilings of the effected areas had asbestos in so we had to stay in alternative accomodation for a few days while this was removed. We then returned during the very cold snap and the house was extremely cold due to the heat going straight into the loft space. They reinstated the ceiling upstairs within 4-5 days though we were very cold during that time.


With the level of work involved and the lack of electricity we felt we should have been accomodated elsewhere but put up with it since they had said it would only take 2-3 weeks.


The work ended up taking 2 days short of 9 weeks. When I submitted the claim for food (61 days at £10 per day per person) I was asked how many children did that include. When the assessor originally quoted this to us he didn't mention that it would only be £5 per child and £10 per adult. Though my children are 11 and 14 they are strapping lads who in fact eat more than I do. I feel like we've been diddled here, firstly since we didn't insist on the alternative accomodation as it felt like the upheaval for only 2-3 weeks didn't seem worth it and then to be told that we will be getting back substantially less in food allowance.


We live on the Cornish coast and you can't eat anywhere for under £15 a main meal and often more. The pub even had on the kids menu that it was for children under 10.


Has anyone else had similar issues?

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I think you ought to tell us which insurance company you are dealing with.


Was the £10 per day allowance set done in writing?

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So, Aviva quibbling over the amount of food that should be fed to children. They really don't care very much about their reputation, do they?


Did they say what their definition of "a child" is? Is there anything in writing anywhere? Please could you find the policy you have on the Internet and link us to it and also to their terms and conditions that policy please.

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Standard rates for food while in temporary accommodation. It is just an extra that Insurers allow, to compensate for you being away from your home and unable to use your home cooking equipment. It is not intended to pay for all of your food consumption, as presumably you have income to pay towards your food and that of your children.


I don't think the food amount per day is set down in any policy terms, legislation, case law or FOS ruling. It is a discretionary amount, which is pretty standard across Insurers,

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It is not intended to pay for all of your food consumption, as presumably you have income to pay towards your food and that of your children.


That was my immediate thought too. The £10/£5 is intended to cover the extra cost of feeding the family when you are unable to cook in your own home, not the total cost. Why would the insurer cover the total cost? You still have your normal family income coming in, presumably, out of which you normally pay for feeding yourselves.

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