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Baffled at DWP letter

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Hi. Last year i had a dwp budget loan. As is the norm i had the offer, accepted it and returned the form re the re-payments. Repayments started and will end next week.


Letter came last week confirming the last payment will be next week. And giving the new

rates of esa support group from April. An extra couple of pounds per week. Simple. On the page was in bold stating i must inform them of any changes, ie partner if i have one etc. i have never seen this on previous letters, like it was highlighted.


i thought maybe it was triggered by my recent name change, by deed poll, to rid myself of my old married name, ive been divorced and single for years. So i wrote to the dwp (well my daughter did as if me as she has power of attorney and i asked her to) to explain that my adult children hadnt used my old married name for 2 years and had changed theyre names by deedpoll to my maiden name, and that now i had done the same. No other changes. Simple.


Today i get another letter, giving change of rates again as before. When and how paid etc. Then goes on to say they used the tax years 2003/2004 to assess my claim?


They obviously haven't updated their file as its in old name, despite a letter from them assuring me they have kept a deed copy and advised ALL departments necessary.


They then go on to tell me (what they have already done) about deductions from benefit for the loan last year. The amounts dated from 15th April 2017 to June 2017.


i may be being a bit thick? but i feel like alice in wonderland, none of it makes sense.


still awaiting the outcome of the esa reassessment form that went off 22nd march. No reply from the email my daughter sent re waiting times and reassurance it would be read by somebody who understand my illnesses, despite them advising they usually get back to you within 2 days.


Each time i see a dwp type envelope i feel sick. Anxiety through the roof.

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I've seen another thread in the last day or two mentioning using those tax years to assess a claim which turned out to have been issued in error, I wonder if the DWP have a gremlin issuing irrelevant letters at the moment?


I know exactly what you mean about DWP envelopes - horrible sinking feeling at the mere sight of a brown envelope on the mat.


I'd be tempted to ignore the letter for now, but if you have to phone or get someone to phone and query it.


"If you want my parking space, please take my disability" Common car park sign in France.

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Yes i am thinking the same RMW, its not giving me any bad news or anything, if its a clerical error its harmless as such.

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Hello all

just checked my ESA payment confirmation letter and they based my tax years from April 2009 to April 2010,

I guess this is because that's when I started receiving my benefit's.


Regards to all

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