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    • Thanks dx100uk.   Not sure that I completely understand your reply, that said, thank you for taking the time to reply.   I did follow your link to the GDPR thread and Subject Access Requests. I can't remember if that was the term that the ICO used.    I am not sure that it would have been a SAR, my bank didn't insist that I apply in writing and ultimately it wasn't my bank that was being obtuse.   Then again, it may well be the case that the guy at the ICO did indeed use the term Subject Access Request. As I said,  I got a call from a 0300 number and decided to answer it, half in the expectation of it being a spam call.   So is SAR a direct consequence of GDPR? If yes, it is ironic that I am using to circumnavigate Lloyd banks flawed interpretation of the Data Protection Act.
    • CAB should never have said what they did.   If someone earns over the threshold, even if only 15p, yes in theory the whole amount will be reported as overpaid.    So yes you should expect a letter advising of a debt.   Suggest that your partner follows the appeal process and submits the mandatory reconsideration.  Put the arguments to a DWP Decision Maker. It might not change the decision already made, but worth giving it a go. Perhaps the CAB advisor who gave their opinion can assist.   Uniform is not an expenses that can be deducted in relation to earnings considered for benefit purposes. Your partner is employed and the employers should provide any uniform. Sounds a bit odd to deduct an amount for uniform and this should be queried with the employers. Not quite sure on the legality of the deduction.
    • Does your claimant commitment state to update journal or job application section of your account to provide the evidence?   If not, then written or even verbal would suffice. If the commitment isn't tight enough to state where to put your evidence then there is nothing they can do.
    • The onus is on the claimant to claim correctly. 15p or £2 over the limit is still over the limit.   You mention an alowable expense, where does it state uniform is allowable, it's normally travel, care fee's or pension contributions. Normally uniform is provided by the employer, so the DWP tend to ignore this.   Yes she will get a letter regarding paying it back, but she is lucky she isn't facing a fraud case.
    • Pardon late reply, had a busy last few days. I will make enquiries to the Council or Valuations Agency tomorrow when they are open.   I am a little apprehensive about getting the dentist involved although I wasn't warned about the new parking system at the time.   I have photos but will need to reduce the mb size of them as 4.5 mb is maximum upload on here. They will also need editing to blot out reg numbers etc.   I was given 28 days from CE to cough up after the POPLA decision and that will expire in a few days time. I intend to take this all the way and to save further action [e.g. debt collectors with the £100 rocketing to the thick end of a Grand]   write to CE and tell them take me straight to Court as all letters will be ignored.    There are 2 photos from my evidence previous post [Docs 1 pdf 2.81 mb] First is the view I had approaching car park to the right, this differs enormously from google street view.   Even with just 1 car in the carpark can you see any signs ? There is a small road sign in that photo too that was left behind following the roadworks and temporary traffic lights that hid the sign at the front.   Second photo is a view from where I parked no wonder I did not see it, in fact the angle is worse viewing from drivers seat as the pole is in line with the tree
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DVLA Clamp and double fine

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Help required!!

Does the OP have an update on this situation as similar thing just happened to me (without the disabled spot)


My situation is my car had been having another engine fitted, while it was in the local garage the MoT and Road Tax ran out so I declared it SORN (but kept it insured).


fast forward 3 months and car is delivered back to me on breakdown truck due to no tax etc. but covering my driveway (dropped kerb, official driveway BUT council owned property)

Car was dropped off 07/03 Wednesday night, I booked it in for MoT immediately but earliest booked appointment was for following Monday (12/03).


On Friday morning I was clamped by DVLA for no tax, release fee £260. ...

then on Monday morning drove car for MoT

when I returned home I had received a letter off DVLA stating that my car had been seen on the road on 2 occasions and had 2 fines totalling £847.

now they have been kind and given me an extension of a further 2 weeks to pay the out of court settlement.


So my questions are?

is this worth attending court to explain in more detail? or could that all end in tears.

Is a fine of over £1000 correct when I thought I had done everything legally.


surely if I was actually driving around with no tax then fair enough but I had even paid for a recovery truck to bring it back from having the engine work done.

just to be law abiding.


I cant afford the fine at all, and I just feel like this is extremely unfair, as i'm typing this 2 little noisy motorbikes have just been speeding down my road with no helmets on.... I assume they will get huge fine as well?!?!


any help, advice or even criticism will be welcome because I honestly cant see what I did wrong.

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...car is delivered back to me...but covering my driveway...


...on Monday morning drove car for MoT...


You could drive your car to and from it's MOT, but couldn't drive it 10 yards onto your own driveway!


You knew the rules, as evidenced by you SORN'ing and insuring the vehicle.

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New thread created, so relevant posts from previous thread merged.

We could use your help




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