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After sending BW Legal a letter telling them i don't intend to supply the name of the driver. I also requested proof that our leasing company had provided the name of the driver. We asked them the usual:


1 Is this land part of the Airport as defined in the byelaws? Yes or No.

2 What type of car park is it?

3 What contravention gives a cause of action?

4 Who contravened your rules?

5 Who you are pursuing?

6 How is the £160 made up?


We've also stated that would be our final response and that we would be happy to defend a court claim.


To which we've received no responses other than an invite to pay a discounted offer.


Any suggestions on what to do next? I'm happy to ignore and wait for court letters but i don't want to put myself into a dodgy situation regarding the legal correct 'thing to do'


All info/advice really appreciated and i hope i've followed protocol in starting this as a new thread.

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The lease company would have provided VCS with the hirer details, but they wouldn't be able to give them the name of the driver as that wouldn't necessarily be the hirer.


Just sit back and wait now and see what they do. You've mentioned byelaws so they'll be well aware that you're a bit 'clued up' on what you're talking about and that it won't be such an easy fight after all.



They don't like people that might know what they're talking about, it makes them look inept and they don't need anyone else's help for that :lol:

Please note that my posts are my opinion only and should not be taken as any kind of legal advice.
In fact, they're probably just waffling and can be quite safely and completely ignored as you wish.

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you have let them know that you are no mug so you just have to wait. You cant force them to drop the matter.

Their signage will do for them anyway, plus the fact that it isnt "relevant land" so no keeper liabilty can ever be created so in theory the lease co can sue them

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Thanks for that guys. The lease company have informed us that the info they provided were the hirer details NOT the driver name (which has been issued on the original PCN!!).


collect, keep and ignore ALL their correspondence until they send a Court Letter?

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that is what you have been told so that is what we recommend.

Read the POFA as regard to liability of hirer in a lease vehicle.


All irrelevant anyway as it is not "relevant land" and the airport has its own laws and VCS have bugger all to do with them.


there are dozens of threads about this place so read some of them

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