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Local Authority Gas Meter Inspections

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Blood pressure back to normal now


Live in Northern Ireland under housing authority accommodation.


Just had them phone me (Customer service unit) saying that my gas and electric metre need their annual safety check. Fair enough it is a legal requirement. She then started dictating to me time and date for the engineer to visit (Contractor) Between nine and four Monday to Friday.


Like most people, I have to work for a living and single. After much arguing, it was decided a Saturday afternoon and that was like pulling teeth after being threatened with disconnection etc.


She then said if I had no money in the Gas/Electric meters the engineer would cut me off. Can they do that??


Wish to submit a complaint about this treatment and inflexibility, any suggestions.

Being an ex-trade union rep it is water off a duck back but say it was someone with mental health issues etc, totally unacceptable behaviour

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so HA threatening to cut you off or utilities co?


Exactly what requirement is there to keep meter topped up. If there is a clause in your tenancy about dereliction I doubt if not using the gas would trigger that and i firmly believe that the person was told to threaten all sorts of hell just to make their own peoples life easier rather than giving a toss about the residents


Annual meter check is not strictly a safety issue, it is a requirement under law for a multitude of reasons, one being they will have trouble billing you if they dont. They do have powers of entry over this but I think a time suitable for you is perfectly reasonable in case your pet lion eats their meter reader ( I love it that keeping wild animals is still legal in NI)

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My thinking exactly. They did not want to pay their contractors a Saturday premium is probably behind this


And this is the Housing authority, not utility company

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Strange a Housing Authority threatening this especially if this is the electrical & Gas Meters for the Property as they do not own the meters as they are your Energy Providers responsibility.


Yes an Annual Gas Safety inspection is a legal reguirement but at the Meter they only check for leaks/pressure test and they do not interfere with that actual Meters as it is not there property but the Energy Providers.


I would be having a wee chat with your Energy Provider about these Meter Inspections


Also letter of complaint titled Formal Complaint about there actions and also ask for copies of the following:


1. Complaints Policy (not the leaflet)

2. Customer Care/Standards Policy (not the leaflet)

3. Gas/Electrical Safety/Maintenance/Service Policy (not the leaflet)

4. Cyclical Maintenance Policy (not the leaflet)

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