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    • just to clarify my point look at page 5 the right hand side black line to the right of the sig box is missing that sig info has clearly been copied and pasted by lowells on to that set of t&c's and if you look at other vanquis card CCA returns here on cag for that same set of T&C there has never been that box there anyway   Exhibit_NA1_(1).pdf
    • > they keep piling on charges and CRS are now chasing me for over £100. My membership was/is £9.99 a month. > So....am I at fault? Do I need to pay? You are not at fault. It is entirely their fault for making this whole process so difficult, and I'd love to seem them argue otherwise against any British judge. Have you ever met any other company who makes it this difficult to cancel a subscription? Probably not! Because it's a (sort of) legal grey-area. You owe them nothing. In what world does it make sense to charge a customer £90 for cancelling their (£9.99/mo) membership less than a month early? What other reputable company would do this? Nobody. This is not legally enforceable!     X4L/Harlands/CRS/Zinc are all part of the same group, and they all have absolutely zero legal power over you. They are not bailiffs. Nothing will happen to your credit and nobody will show up at your door. They will never dare take you to court, because they know that they stand no chance, but they might try to scare you. Pay no attention to this. You might get a few annoying emails/texts/phone calls, but do not answer nor reply to any of these - if you do, you're just giving them more to feed on. These people prey on vulnerable people who get fooled into thinking they're in the wrong. Ignore any and all communication with these scumbags.   Feel free to check out similar threads from 2010-2016 about X4L/Harlands/CRS/Zinc on this forum, you'll notice that every OP stopped replying after so long because these cowboys gave up on trying to steal money from them after they realised that they wouldn't budge. Their whole business is based on stealing money from innocent people. You'll be fine! Good luck. Keep us updated!    
    • looks like you still paid for ppi. {£236.03}   unravelling the crap in the letter it looks like your can make a PPI reclaim directly to welcome even though they were not GISC regulated, they are saying the underwriters were, but they cant say whom they were, but from other threads here it should be easy to work that out if needs be    so you had a loan of £2269.44 of which 236.03 was PPI   so ppi/loan*100=ppi%   236.03/2269.44*100=10.4%   so anything you paid 10.4% of it was for ppi so statint sheet time      
    • bang shot yourself in the foot why did you mention PPI in the sar request?  
    • Thank you for your response Eric's Brother. I have been out of the country and was told about this on my return. It is not clear yet whether the Company have paid this PCN. They have a flawed policy of paying these and asking questions later, even deducting the money from the employees wages if they don't get a response from the employee within a certain time limit. They couldn't have got a response from my daughter as she too was away on holiday which is why she lent her car to my son. I'm not sure this policy is legal ?. Anyway, I'm getting sketchy information in dribs and drabs. My son was visiting Wrexham for a one off event so is unable to get pictures of the car park signage or the ticket machine. I will get the image supplied by Parking Eye and post it up on here. Sorry for the incomplete information so far, but that's what I'm getting. Kids eh ?...no sense of urgency.
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Need to open a basic bank account but not allowed?

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So here's a brief rundown of my situation.


I have a large loan with RBS, and was paying it off fine until about 8 months ago when I got into serious financial difficulty.

RBS helped for a short time reducing my payments to just £1 per month for three months but of course still adding interest at £200 per month...which by the way they said they would not do but that's another story.


My circumstances didn't improve and I have spent the last 5 months trying to reach an agreement with them.


Eventually they agreed to accept a token payment of £1 per month and stop all interest and charges.

However they also said in order to do that they would make my accounts "non-operational" and that I should return my debit card and see other banking facilities elsewhere.


Fair enough but of course I need at least a basic account for money to go in and out of.


I looked at Nationwide as their basic account seems to do everything I need however it seems that it is only available to bankrupts and/or people who do not already have another UK account.


This leaves me with a problem because "technically" I no longer have a functioning UK account but it still "exists" if you see what I mean?


I can't proceed with the online application if I answer yes to the question "do you have another UK account". If I answer no..would I be lying?


I can't apply for the normal account because my credit rating is as low as it can possibly be right now so not only would it be an extra search on my file but I would be refused.


Maybe I should just answer "no" to that question about other accounts. Just wanted to see what others experiences are.

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co-op - post office

lots of online ones available



please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here

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Plenty of other banks out there who do basic accounts.

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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Alternatively, some credit unions offer basic current accounts. But do make sure to read the terms & conditions as the ones I looked at charge a monthly fee and charges for certain types of transactions.





No... you can't eat my brain just yet. I need it a little while longer.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.


The reason I looked at Nationwide for their 'FexBasic' account is because apart from no overdraft and no monthly fee it gives you pretty much the same facilities as their standard account.


I went ahead and applied and was accepted.

I didn't actually need to worry about saying I had no other UK account because during the application process it asks you to confirm that you either do not have another uk account or that your existing bank have informed you they will be closing your account.


So all good. Might be useful info for anyone else thinking of applying :)

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any account with no credit should be acceptable regardless if all the id checks etc are ok.

coop, barclays, nationwide, etc

some banks may check credit first to see if applicable and then offer more, but if insist on just a basic then all shld be ok. banks are required to offer at least a basic.




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I understand that there is generally an obligation for a bank to provide a basic account to any potential customer in the absence of certain reasons such as fraud.


If a bank refused to provide you with a basic account then I would be thinking about making a complaint to the ombudsman. I will do this especially in the case of RBS who apparently have frozen your accounts and refuse to give you any other banking facilities. Even though you now have an account with the Nationwide, I would be tempted to make the RBS complaint just for the exercise. It wouldn't cost you anything.

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You might find this link useful. It is a different type of account, but you still get issued a sortcode, account number and debit card to access your money. There is no credit check.



We could do with some help from you.



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All banks are required to offer a basic account but they don't usually advertise the fact. They make no money off these accounts because there is no monthly charge and no overdraft facility. However much like car insurance a bank account these days is almost a necessity. How would you get your salary paid without a bank account for example? So if they are a necessity for modern life then we should not have to go hunting around for these accounts and they should be advertised up front the same as any other account.


thanks for the help and suggestions. Will post back if there are any problems with Nationwide but looking good so far.

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