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A Wright load of Hassle! - old Cabot CCJ/CO - now want AEO

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Hi all, just looking for a bit of confirmation if you dont mind.


Got a letter this morning from Wright Hassle representing Cabot

saying that their client has given them full instructions to enforce a CCJ made against me on xx/08/2007.

They intend to do this by way of an AOE Order.


They point out that they are aware the Judgement is over six years old but they expect to be successful given the number of attempts that they, and their client have made to resolve this matter with me.

They do say though that they would like to avoid this Application.


Apart from the odd letter over the years, and the fact that the CCJ was turned into a CO shortly after it was granted (before I found CAG), no other attempts have ever been made to enforce anything against me.

They dont mention the CO in the letter so do you think Cabot havent told them about it?


They then go on to say that should they make an Application to the court,

they will exhibit this letter and request that the fee for the Application be added to the Judgement.


So do you think this is a standard willy-waving letter or something to be taken a little more seriously?

Thanks all.

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A CCJ that's over ten years old and they are still bleating about enforcing it??


Are they having a bubble?


AFAIK, they will need to go back to court to convince the DJ why they have failed to action the CCJ, and then why they believe an AOE order will get them the money they haven't got in the past decade....... besides, you'll be in a better position to defend it anyway, if they're dumb enough to chance their arm.

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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Thanks for that bazooka and cheers DX, I had forgotten about andyorchs post.


Although the CCJ remains, it cannot be acted upon after six years has passed without court permission and there has to be very good reason for an extension.


If say a creditor goes back to court and is refused permission, what is the point of continuing the existence of that CCJ as it can never be enforced?

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why? there have been a couple of decisions in the supreme court that allow for creditors to go after someone who now has money if certain conditions are met


One of those conditions would be if you misrepresented your position at the time or at least within the 6 years after the judgement ( so a lottery win a year after the CCJ that you failed to then settle from would be enough to get the CCJ reinstated)


In your case if there is no big chance of circumstance the liklihood of them getting a judge to resurrect an old CCJ will be minimal and as they have a CO then that will be reduced to zero

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