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This is my experience so far.


I was a victim of identity theft on an account opened at a three year old address where i hadnt lived


I only discovered this due to my credit file.


I called the bank....the bank themselves told me to go into branch and hand identification.

Confirmed. went to the bank got a statement out and changed address, all information


A cheque had been paid in by the person who comitted the crime. I asked for details, said i would need to pay to get the copy of the cheque, couldnt at that precise minute.


Contacted the banks head office just to get the situation confirmed and more over to find out what this cheque was ( As reality says if they had to open an account in my name,the cheque would of also been in my name)


So flip to the executive office. Reponse email we will look into it


Following day i call..they say i..myself failed security lol..lets be factual here,there was not a question wrong, even from a background point of view,that and being my details were updated in branch!


Recieve an email saying another team is looking into it and possibly i may be able to tell you tomorrow what the cheque was.


Tomorrow comes around, i cant apparently due to data protection...data protection of what miss its my name that got used!!..now while this has been going on, a new bank card has arrived and internet banking credentials to my updated address.


So the only other route is to get internet banking active as it would show the cheque identifier,like what bank etc, my guess is that was a ppi refund or the like


So ok,start to create, i have an issue at the password login,id already created, so i call there tech department.


The tech department informs me...AT THAT STAGE..at that stage after going in branch and talking to there senior folk at head office..that i cant just take ownership of an account,then cancels everything.


I recieve a cosy letter saying they have removed the account and marker from my credit file and listed me on cifas.


and that maybe i could contact barclays to get information of the cheque.


So i did a ppi refund was issued to that very old address. Only because i have had to initiate that with barclays and discuss with their head office.




right to the fos...late september the complaint was made, we are now on the 16/02/2018 after a few calls and emails from myself and told i would have a response, the advisor is now piecing things up to an endgame. Its not a great outlook for myself and the fos


Honestly i think the system is biased,



My question is ...sorry thought id explain the story. if i disagree with the fos..which i will..ive a strong feeling they will side with the bank, who in my opinion is seriously flawed between departments, from branch to top senior level. I have never known such a lapse in clear and concise methods. Who do i go to after fos, can i ask for someone else to look for it?


If for one second the fos entertain the bank operated within procedure they must be reading something else

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trying to understand WHAT you are actually complaining to them about?


you did a PPI reclaim and a cheque in regard to that went to your old address?

someone got it and opened an account in your name to cash it?

and now you have a CIFAS marker you want gone?


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to be clearer..


the fact a bank doesnt even know its own method of working from high level to low level.

The fact i had to jump through hoops to know anything whatsoever.

The fact their system can allow an account to be opened from three years ago.

The fact there head office is simply incompetent.

The fact i had to investigate the cheque myself when technically i could of seen it already if i paid for a copy


No i did no ppi claim,that rests on the other banks fault for sending it to a three year old address.


In actual fact,its lucky the account wasnt abused whilst under someone elses control


To sum up im complaining about the fact a squirrel could provide a better service than that bank

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My basic question is regardless is if i do not agree with the initial outcome of the fos, is there a second level to go to?

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at what level was the fos decision. if adjudicator, then can escalate it to an actual ombudsman


you're right about squirrels. most of the squirrels (grey) here are pests :)




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ahh ok thanks i was going to start a thread for this lol as i wanted to know

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The date is now the 23/03/2018


The last update from the person dealing with the complaint was


Dear xxxxx




Thank you for your patience whilst we’ve been looking at your case.




I’m writing to let you know that there have been a number of developments within our service which has meant that we’re taking a closer look at the issues you’ve brought to our attention. We’re doing so to ensure that we’re providing the fairest answer and that we are consistent with our approach to these cases.




What this means, for now, is that your case is on hold. I’m unable to give you any definitive timescales as to when our review will be completed, but please rest assured that I will update you as soon as any developments occur.




If you need anything from me in the meantime, please do let me know.




Yours sincerely,


xxxxxx xxxxxx




DX, you asked me what i was complaining about, my complaint overall is regarding how a banking institution can open an account on an address i lived at three years ago, how someone could use some form of identification to open the account. Literally its been three years since i lived there, no open accounts, no passports, driving license etc etc would of gone there for identification. Then the lapse of the banks staff from branch to executive office level. The only person who gave me any type of clarity was the online advisor when i tried to get internet banking working to find out what the cheque was.


His words as i remember sort of!. "its protocol that the account automatically gets shut down, you cannot just take over the account in your name" Now i went to branch with updated identification, i spoke with there head office which being fair were useless.


My complaint is i want the cheque refunded and compensation for there lack and useless ways of operating as a banking institution. Now its lucky the account was not abused. I just cannot get my head around them being able to open an account on an address from 3 three years ago!! Now it must of done some damage having the cifas marker on my file, i have had serious trouble getting identification confirmed.


This is my main complaint i guess, its just beyond belief. It was way to easy for the person who opened the account and then subsequently cashed a cheque in my name to do!!!!!!



Regarding the last email from them, i responded with an email of unhappiness, then they responded again from a different department saying they are on the case but its taking time.

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