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IVA or Continue to fight

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Along time has passed and various debts have been resolved

it’s time for me to make a decision on the remainder

I can finally look to moving on and hopefully getting a mortgage again in the future.


Bankruptcy is not an option for me due to my business!

My remaining debts are as follows.

Many have dropped off my credit file as I was in a previous joint IVA that failed when I divorced my ex partner.

IVA Failed 2014.


On Credit File - house repossessed 2014

Mortage Shortfall - Leeds Building Society £70,000 joint mortage-

Requested SAR all appears above board

- Offered Settlement of £7,000 to release me of liability they have accepted (seeking advice as to legalities of this)


Not on credit file anymore are -


Cabot - Egg - £6,860 CCA request ignored - last payment in IVA 2014

(Letter asking for balance to be addressed today, on advice I’m ignoring)


Dryden Fairfax (max recovery) Hsbc and MBNA card £16,540

- last payment in IvA 2014

- £1 token payments being made as made the early mistake!!

never sent CCA.


Fredrickson International - capital one card £870 - CCA request not sent, £1 token payments made.


All £1 payments made on the early Advice of StepChange.


4 other Debts now closed after CCA requests (thanks to this forum) letters filed confirming accounts now closed!


A month ago I was speaking with Payplan and I have had an IVA proposal drawn up covering all these debts as I now have a surplus income I can put forward.


However my parents have offered me £10k to try Clear all my debts! And start again.


Obviously only if this puts an end to it all!


But I’ve no idea what to do. Im wanting to move on and hopefully get a mortage again in the near future.


So the mortage can possibly be settled, and I’m thinking of offering full and final settlements to the debts I have, or should I just opt for the IVA if accepted. At least then I know the liability to the joint mortage would legally be clear! In another two years my credit file would in theory be clear, obviously in an IVA id be waiting another 6 years??? I’d rather not opt for the IVA. I have no assets and currently renting. What are people general thoughts?

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go have a holiday with with that money

don't line fleecing DCA's pockets.


on the ones that have failed the CCA test - you HAVE stopped paying havent you?


on the others, why have you not sent a CCA request where applicable?


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Stopped paying all that failed CCA yes,

didn’t send a CCA to two of them as they left me alone


gave me chance to sort out my business and get life back on track,


I should really send these 2 a CCA just don’t want to rattle their cage, I know I should and I will ASAP!


In regards to lining their pockets

i do understand

I Just want it all dealt with and over


feel I will never have my own house again at the moment and really want an end in sight,

don’t want to keep having to dodge them and send new letters when debts sold on etc etc!!!

I’d love to be able to come home after work and not be scared when I see a letter on the floor!!!

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but if they've failed the CCA there nowt they can ever do.


paying the debts off wont remove the defaults you have

and wont make your file any more acceptable toward a mortgage.


the defaults and thus the debt drops off on the 6th birthday of the defaulted date in the summary.


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No Thanks, I understand what you are saying, I only have the mortgage, remaining on my file with 2 years before that drops off. Time to CCA the ones I haven’t.

Many thanks

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